Most of the users are always in search of fun and exciting slot machines with bonus rounds. Fortunately, a significant portion of modern slots has such features. There are so many of them, in fact, that it might be hard to choose what to play.

Best bonus slots today

Let’s not waste any time and get right to the list of the best slots with bonus rounds:

  1. Black Gold. This Texas-themed 3D slot is one of the best bonus slot games ever. One of its entertaining features is the “higher or lower” bonus round, in which you and the oil tycoon head to a top-secret location. A number appears on the screen and you choose whether the next number is greater or less than that. Every time you guess right, you get free credits and you can see your success rating increase at the bottom of the screen. This type of bonus round is a simple yet fun way to expand your gaming experience and change the environment.
  2. Mamma Mia. If you love las vegas free casino bonus slot games with bonus rounds features and Italian cuisine, then this slot is for you and just for fun. One of its fun features is called the “food-critic bonus round”. When it works, you will be presented with another window. Next, you must help the eccentric Italian chef choose which of his five specialties to cook for the food critic visiting the town. If your chosen dish gets approved in the review of the critic (the review will appear on the screen), then you will receive credits.
  3. After Night Falls. This game offers several bonus rounds so everyone who loves bonus slots should play it. In one of the functions, a criminal break into the grandmother’s apartment, and you must help the detective find him. There is also an interesting “double-up” feature where you can double your winnings by flipping a coin.

Every single one of these games deserves your attention if you are a fan of bonus rounds. But what if you want to play some new and exciting slots with bonus rounds? That is what we are going to talk about next.

Best new free casino bonus slot games

Basically, there is only one big newcomer and it is…

Tomb Raider from Microgaming in partnership with Square Enix

The search for ancient treasures and artifacts in the pyramids will remain a hot topic in the field of free casino bonus games slots for a long time. Microgaming, in partnership with Square Enix, has created a new version of the story of the adventures of the legendary Lara Croft, the first editions of which were in 2004 and 2008. At the moment it is known that the new slot machine will be equipped with a classic arrangement of coils and icons (5×3), a number of special icons, and bonus rounds of a thematic nature.

Why are people are waiting for this game:

  • Tomb Raider has many fans outside of the gambling community;
  • Microgaming and Square Enix make fantastic games;
  • The game promises many interesting and never-seen features;
  • Could be played for free in demo mode of casinos.

It promises to be the game that was worth 12 years of waiting.

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