Today, jackpots at online casinos have become a very common offer to attract players. This is especially often used in slots.

According to statistics, in the list of the most demanded gambling games on the Internet, it is slot machines that occupy a leading position. Players are attracted by the simplicity of the gameplay, fascinating stories, the ability to make small bets and dynamics. But there is one more important motivation: it is in slots that you can win a lot of money quickly and easily.

The maximum win is called the jackpot. Its prize fund in slot machines is formed by all the bets made by the players.

Progressive Jackpot 2021

It is also called cumulative. Today it is the most popular in modern online casinos. A Progressive Jackpot is a prize pool that earns a percentage of the stake. And it directly depends on the number of spins.

Progressive jackpot slots accumulate a prize pool with every bet. Therefore, on the Internet, where the number of players is in the millions, huge prize money is recruited. If the user gets a winning combination on the slot machine, he wins the jackpot. If none of the players gets such a combination, the prize fund is not raffled, but only increases.

The accumulative jackpot is replenished from all bets, regardless of their size. Thus, the more users play progressive jackpot games by spinning the reels in the slot, the greater the reward awaits the lucky one when a winning combination falls out. True, often, in order to qualify for the jackpot, you need to bet the maximum amount.

How progressive jackpots work

There are no clear strategies for hitting the jackpot, since it is impossible to reliably predict the outcome of a random number generator.

When playing progressive slot machines, you need to take into account that in order to get the maximum win, in most cases, you need to make large bets. Typically, this is the maximum amount of 5 coins. You can bet less, but then, having won the jackpot, the player will receive a significantly lower payout just because the bet was not maximum.

  1. “Stand Alone Progressive” – ​​the jackpot is formed on the basis of one slot machine and the bets made only on it. The jackpot is not huge here, but the chances of winning it are much higher than in other variants.
  2. “In House” – a progressive jackpot is accumulated in a certain online casino from all slot machines of a given gambling establishment.
  3. “Area Wide” – used for large progressive jackpots. The prize fund is formed by an independent provider, which receives deductions from a whole network of casinos using this gaming software.

Jackpot counter

This is an important informational component that all progressive slots possess. The jackpot counter shows the players the current prize pool in real time. It is one of the most powerful advertising tools based on the psychology of human perception.

Therefore, the counter is usually large, decorated in bright colors and placed directly in front of the player’s eyes. A person is simply fascinated by the opportunity to watch how the size of the prize fund grows while the reels of slot machines are spinning.

Also, jackpot counters are placed not only on the website of the online casino itself – they are actively used as advertising on thematic information resources and banners.

Which other gambling games also have a progressive jackpot

Progressive jackpots can be found in almost all types of gambling today. These are various options for video poker, roulette, blackjack, lottery, etc.

There, the prize money can also reach colossal proportions. For example, in 2016, the jackpot in the lottery set another record: an American player won $ 1 billion 568 million in the PowerBall. Before that, the largest win was the jackpot in the Maryland Lottery – $ 640 million.

For the sake of the prospect of getting that kind of money, players are ready to take risks: bet large sums, purchase a large number of lottery tickets, etc. The organizers of gambling are actively using this. For example, online casino operators may offer players separate jackpot bets.

Who pays the winnings – the casino or the provider?

Many players on the Internet are wondering if an online casino will pay them a big win. The terms of payments in progressive slots are spelled out in the agreement with the gambling establishment.

Large accumulative jackpots in slots, as a rule, are formed according to the Area Wide system, where each progressive jackpot slot works for a common piggy bank, for which an independent provider is responsible. And in this case, there are usually no problems with payments.

Sometimes there are schemes when 90% of the winnings are paid by the provider, and 10% – by the online casino operator. But even in this case, there should be no fears.

What are the chances of hitting the cumulative jackpot

On the Internet today you can find many tips, tricks and even ready-made techniques on how to hit the big progressive jackpot. It is difficult to say with what degree of probability this or that technique will work in each individual case. But the most popular tips are as follows:

  • After examining the reviews on the network, you need to choose an honest casino that pays out winnings.
  • It must be remembered that only a large gambling platform operating legally on certified software can pay gigantic amounts.
  • Before playing, you should check if it is technically possible to win a progressive jackpot from a specific country.
  • You need to have a solid betting budget and never play for the latter.

It is impossible to calculate in advance the probability of winning by sitting down to slots with progressive jackpots. Almost everything here depends on luck. The chances of disrupting it are not so great, but there are those who are lucky.

Why progressive jackpots are so attractive to online casino users
It is the progressive slot machines, thanks to their accumulative principle, that are able to offer players huge prize pools. For many users, this seems to be the easiest way to get rich fabulously and radically change their lives. Therefore, millions of players flock to online casinos every day to try their luck and hit the progressive jackpot.


Progressive jackpot slots in online casinos are the most effective marketing technique for attracting new players and their subsequent involvement in the game. In order for new customers to become permanent, a gambling site needs a clear and well-established system for paying jackpots. It is also a good marketing ploy to provide players with information about the statistics of payments and the size of the jackpot.

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