Luxury Hotels and Villas in Gili Air

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If we try to compare the size with Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno, maybe Gili Air is the smallest. However, we cannot say that this Gili is lack of accommodation. Though the size of Gili Air is small the accommodation for tourist is the most complete. If you are hard to find luxurious hotels in Gili Meno or Gili Trawangan, then you will find it here. If you are difficult to find the right restaurants where you can eat delicious foods, then you will find it here.

Gili Air brings a small but lovely number of luxury hotels. Whether you are searching hotel for honeymoon, villa for a family vacation or simply looking for a budget-friendly hotel, Gili Air will always be the best destination. Here are the best hotels and villas in Gili Air where you can spend your days near the beach. These hotels and villas are said to be the best because of the location and facilities.

The Waterfront Hotel

This luxury hotel is located on the East Coast right on the beach. There are many reviews from tourists said that this hotel is the best in Gili Air. This hotel brings panoramic views of the beautiful sunrise over the majestic and magnificent mount Rinjani. Here in this hotel, you will find a luxury restaurant serving various menus, from local to international. All menus are cooked with fresh local ingredients. There are high-quality bungalows with an outdoor pool. The rooms in this hotel feature intimate lighting and Balinese interiors. All units feature a terrace and seating area overlooks the hotel’s tropical garden.

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Casa Mio Villas

Located on the southeastern tip of Gili Air, this luxury villa brings a romantic getaway on the more secluded side of the island. Villa Casa Mio features a wide range of modern facilities in it's 4 quality guestrooms and throughout the premises. Every room in this hotel features internet access, air conditioning, flat screen TV and surely a private bathroom. Every guest who stays at this hotel will enjoy a wide range of luxurious facilities, including room service, massage, private beach, restaurant, bar and a tropical garden.

Slow Private Pool Villas

Located on the West side of the island just a little inland from the beautifully quiet western shore, it provides 10 contemporary luxury villas feature a traditional Balinese style. The name of this villa is inspired by the “slow spirit” philosophy which by some people means a unique way to get back in touch with the essential value of life. Each villa boasts a terrace, kitchenette, swimming pool, office, sunbeds and picturesque coconut garden.

Scallywags Smugglers

This hotel is located close to Gili Air Harbour. What makes this luxury hotel special is its outdoor pool. If we try to compare this hotel to other, then we will find that the facilities inside this hotel are so complete so you will be able to enjoy your vacation. Here, the accommodation ranges from self-contained villas to private rooms. Every room features a minibar, seating area, flat screen TV, DVD player, and fridge. The en suite bathrooms are fitted with a modern shower, free toiletries, and hairdryer. There is also a restaurant where you can find various menus.

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