Unique Hotel in Mataram Makes Your Trip Special

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To visit a unique place like Mataram, you need a unique accommodation. Instead of staying in the typical hotel room, it would be nice if you can stay in something unusual that will give you a different feeling and leave a nice memory on your mind. Unique Hotel in Mataram will make your trip more valuable, special.

Actually, you can find plenty unique touches at numerous hotels all around Mataram. Many hotels in Mataram give unique feeling with a touch of Lombok culture in the design, exterior, and interior. In local owned hotels, you can feel the unique hospitality of Mataram people. However, some hotels have something more that make you think you will regret if you do not stay there.

We can start it with Fizz Hotel at Mataram. From the outside, the hotel is typical. The exterior, the landscape, and outside aura are something that you may say it ordinary. This is not a luxurious hotel and the facilities are quite common. When you enter the hotel, you will find a nice and simple lobby. It is something that would be great if you love the minimalist design but maybe still ordinary for others. The uniqueness feels so real when you finally enter the room. It is the not the bed, not the electronics, not the bathroom that makes it different. It is the wall, which makes unique.

In Fizz Hotel, every room is decorated by unique artistic graffiti. You will say wow when you open the door and see the graffiti. The art is exceptional. It clearly shows that the drawing is made by talented people. The theme for graffiti is fun. It would make you feel happy to be in the room. Somehow, you may want to comeback soon to the room and enjoy the atmosphere. Moreover, breakfast is delicious traditional Lombok foods and the staffs are very friendly. Find this hotel at Jl. Majapahit.

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Another Unique Hotel in Mataram is somewhere on the shore. The hotel is called Alang-Alang Boutique Beach Hotel. You will feel the uniqueness right after you get out of the car in front of the hotel. The construction is unique, like a house with wonderful tropical garden in the surrounding. Homey feeling will instantly enter your heart. When you enter the hotel, it will get warmer, not because of the tropical weather, but the lovely interior and hospitality of the staffs.

Actually, the best thing of this boutique hotel is the location. It is located on the private cove where tranquility is promised. You hardly find tourist traffic in the area. You can enjoy relaxation to the fullest and get rid all your stress out. It would be completed with the delicious foods. Many people give their recommendation for its good value.


There is some more Unique Hotel in Mataram. If you do not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy the uniqueness, be sure you book the room early, especially if your plan is in high seasons such as around June and July and New Year. Use online booking to make it easier and faster for you.

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