5 Reasons Why You Have to Visit Lombok, Indonesia

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The name of Bali has been echoed all around the world for long period of time and this can be the reason why this island becomes one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world. As the result, visitors are able to witness crowd tourism in Bali. If you are looking for different kind of tourism which is not far from Bali, Lombok Island must be a great choice. It is located next to Bali Island about two hours speedboat ride. If you want to know more about the reasons to visit Lombok, Time has some great reasons after all.

Homestay Experience

People around the world are very familiar with Bali as the major tourism attraction in the world. However, sometimes people are tired with too crowded circumstance in Bali associated with the tourism industry. Hotels with the best facility can be found easily in Bali but you might want to experience something different during their holiday stay. Lombok will offer them with different experience at the homestay. By staying at the homestay, you will experience the local’s life closer. You can be part of them and this must be an exotic experience which cannot be forgotten.

Chili Pepper

It is interesting that Lombok means chili in Bahasa Indonesia and locals in Lombok uses chili a lot in their foods. That is why Lombok local foods cannot be separated from spicy taste. Sambal which is made from green and red chilies along with other ingredients such as garlic and shrimp paste becomes favorite condiment for locals. You can try it along with other Lombok dishes such as curry from jackfruit and the famous ayam taliwang (grilled chicken).


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The Bali beaches seem very busy for almost all the time. You can still find the crowd at Lombok beaches but it is sure that you will be able to find many options of beaches in Lombok. If you want to look for the less crowded beach in Lombok, you should go to the southwest part of the island. Desert Point which is locally known as Bangko-Bangko becomes the beach loved by surfers since it has hollow left hand break and long walled break. You can also try different beach holiday at Gili Nanggu.


The fact you cannot rely on the public transportation in Lombok can be bad but you can see it as a good thing because you will be able to ride rental motorbike. This must be kind of great experience instead of hiring a car as well as driver. Adventurous journey with motorcycle can be done along the coastal location which stretches from Senggigi beach to Pemenang. You can also ride the motorbike to find the hidden waterfalls and beautiful rice paddies.


Bau Nyale or Sea Worm Festival must not be missed when in Lombok. It is held every February at Lombok’s Kuta beach. According to Sasak people, native in Lombok, the sea worm is actually from the princess who drowned in the water for avoiding political marriage. During the festival, people will catch the worm. Usually it will be wrapped in the banana leaf before it can be roasted. Uniquely yummy!

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