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If you are planning to spend your holiday with a visit to a tourist area, you may want to consider traveling in Senggigi. Senggigi is a tourism center in the area of West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The location is in the tourist area between the valleys and has a direct view to the ocean can produce an incredibly unique and amazing. Senggigi is also more widely known by the beauty of the white sand and clear seawater.

The area is already equipped with a variety of very adequate facilities to provide comfort to the tourists who come to visit there. You can find a variety of hotels, resorts and villas as an option for a place to stay. You can also find a restaurant, shop, cafe, and others serving a diverse menu of food and drinks are delicious and tasty.

When you are planning to make a visit to the area of Senggigi, you should prepare the proper information about your various needs over there including the venue, a vehicle that will be used to visit some tourist sites, or otherwise. You can also contact the travel agency that will guide you to enjoy the trip while in Senggigi.

Paths that can be taken to get to Senggigi are using the western route that a location is approximately 8 km from the airport Selaparang Mataram. During the trip, you will also find a traditional mode of transport cash from Mataram called Cidomo. Cidomo is a means of transportation that can be used to reach some places that cannot be accessed by four-wheeled vehicles. In addition to finding a traditional vehicle Mataram, you will also pass by the traditional market Ampenan or commonly known as Pasar Kebon Roek.

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When you almost reach of the coast, you will pass the track with little winding streets. In this area, you can feel the typical air of the sea. You can also find a tourist destination before you reach the Senggigi beach area is a shrine known as Batu Layar. Furthermore, you will cross a temple built on the rock, known as Batu Bolong. Many people refer to the temple as in the area of Tana Lot, Bali. Not far from the location of the temple, you will reach the Senggigi beach area that presents the charm and beauty of the beautiful ocean views and soothing. When you have time, you can equip traveling in Senggigi to continue the journey by passing Senggigi leading to Mangsit village where you can see the beauty of sea views.

When in the area of Senggigi, you will not only get a treat natural scenic beauty on the beach, as the water was clear sea, clean white sand, or the beauty of the sunset. You can also find a vibrant nightlife in the region. There are many places of entertainment are available to meet the needs of their tourists who want to discover new atmosphere there. You can find a variety of karaoke bars, pubs or cafes with a variety of activities that are presented ranging from live music, watch together, or otherwise.

When you have tried to enjoy various activities in Senggigi, you can find a variety of accommodation facilities to your place of rest. You can find a hotel with luxurious facilities or the venues very suitable for backpackers. All activities and facilities in the area will make traveling in Senggigi to be a very pleasant experience.

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