Explore the Beauty of Gili Air by Riding a Bike

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Ride a bike is typically a great activity you can do while you are in Gili Air. With a bike you can explore the way along seashore; or else, you can do sunbathing on the beach in order to enjoy exposure of sunlight in a tropical country. There is no sign of motorcycle vehicle in Gili Air, as it is forbidden for you to operate a motor vehicle there. In a most populated small island among the three famous Gili, local people don’t have motor vehicle of any. No one has cars or even motorcycle. So when you spend the holiday in Gili Air, it is only a bike you can use. Or you can explore the island with a cidomo.

Ride a bike along the seashore

Imagine when you explore the coast late afternoon, when the sun feels warm and very comfort to the body. You can do this by walking or by riding a bicycle. Riding a bicycle along the beach to be the most attractive option. Along Gili Air, you can easily find a bike path with plants along the way. How refreshing it is! Occasionally you need to get out of your comfort zone by using the appropriate means of transportation. In this sense, bikes are available at such a tourist destination as Gili Air.


Is it difficult to find a bike in Gili Air? Of course not. Local residents usually rents bikes for use throughout the day. By bike, you can explore some point to enjoy the marine biodiversity of Indonesia. Open opportunity for tourists to enjoy a spot of sea horses, turtles, diverse fish with a variety of colors, as well as the diversity of other marine inhabitants. Local people call Gili Air with the name "Tengaq Aiq" which means the island is located in the middle of the sea. The majority of indigenous people come from ethnic Bugis and sasak, and they have the main livelihood as fishermen, merchants, and tour guides. Bicycles can be rented at a price of IDR 30,000 and you can use it the whole day.

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Rental bikes will be easily found on a beach, so as Cidomo. However, if you choose Cidomo, then you get an alternative that will lead to your destination according to the price agreed between you and the coachman. Cycling on a tropical island is actually a great idea. In addition to nourish the body, you also get a chance to enjoy every detail of attractive locations available in Gili Air. Whether it's the beach or the blue water, with cycling you can enjoy all of it with ease.


So, spend time off in Gili Air has been a great idea that can be put in the list of sites that will be visited in Lombok. As one of the famous spots in Lombok, Gili Air is a quiet island and is suitable for those who want to escape for a moment from the routine of city life. Don’t forget to put Gili Air on the list of place you will visit during holiday. 

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