Mini Animal Sanctuary in Lombok Elephant Park

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Mount Rinjani and the beaches absolutely are the most popular tourism attractions in Lombok. They are the reason why people want to visit this island. However, maybe you will have a question whether there is more Lombok can offer especially for family experience. It is okay for family to enjoy the beach or even the mountain, but it will be so much better if you can find family attraction like zoo in Lombok. Fortunately, Lombok Elephant Park can offer you with tourist attraction that can be a perfect choice for family. Every single family member can really have fun at this place.

Gentle Giants

From the name, you might be able to drive the main thing offered by Lombok Elephant Park. It is the place where visitors can experience many things around the gentle giants. It can be the tourism destination but at the same time, this place also has function as conservation site as well as animal sanctuary. Visitors will be offered with various programs related to elephant activity. This way, they are able to answer their curiosity about the biggest animal that walk on earth today.

Elephant Meet and Greet

There are four elephants brought in the Lombok Elephant Park from Way Kambas in Lampung, Sumatra. Visitors can join Elephant Meet and Greet program for getting close and even interact with the elephants. During the program, visitors are allowed for following the elephant’s daily routine including being fed and also bathed.

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There is also educational show for explaining the natural habits of the elephant that can be watched. You can learn more about the elephants including the feet which are also used for listening and feeling. Their feet hear the vibrations on the ground. Fun fact!

Safari Ride

Riding elephant can be unique experience that must not be missed when you visit Lombok Elephant Park. You can take safari ride with the elephant but you have to pay the additional cost of course. You will enjoy 15 minutes experience of strolling on the back of the largest land animal on earth. The children might be worried that they will fall off when riding the elephant. Elephants can be large but they cannot jump at all. That is why there is no need to worry about falling off. You only need to enjoy the sensation and the view around the park.

Other Animals

Elephants might be the greatest attraction of this park but you can also meet other animals in this place. This place is more like mini zoo after all. There are about ten more species of tropic animals that make the park as their home. You can find the birds with beautiful and colorful feather. You will get beautiful picture with them of course. Noisy and hyperactive siamang monkey will catch visitors attention very easily in the park.

Lombok Elephant Park can be reached using public transportation although you still have to walk up about 2.5 kilometers after hop off. It is located in Sigar Penjalin, North Lombok.

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