Nightlife in Senggigi, More Nights to be More Crowded

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Senggigi Beach is known as one of the coastal areas that have breathtaking natural scenery. Water and clear blue sea, golden sand beaches and cleans, as well as the beauty of the charm of the sunset in the region capable of being the main attraction for local and foreign tourists.

In addition, the beach area is strategic and not far from the city of Mataram. Access is easy to reach the region is also one of the reasons why many people want to come visit there. Another reason why many people are interested in visiting the beach is the beach area is not too crowded although it also cannot be said that the beach deserted. The nightlife at Senggigi seemed to be one of the attractions for people to visit the region.

Around the Senggigi tourist area, there are several hotels and resorts with facilities very satisfactory. In addition to some quality lodging facilities with various levels, in the tourist area is also equipped with a cafe, bars, clubs, and other entertainment venues that can be used as a pleasant location to spend the night. The lights at night are lit and the air is fun to make nightlife in the tourist area of Lombok to be something interesting to enjoy. Senggigi is better known as the coastal area that serves a variety of beauty and stunning scenery to be enjoyed with a variety of activities in the morning until late day. However, when the nights draw in, you can find a slightly different atmosphere in the region. Senggigi could become an attractive alternative to spending the night with friends, especially at weekends or vacation time.

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To enjoy the nightlife in Senggigi can in many ways and activities. You can enjoy the tomb of the night with live music offerings in some fun places available. It could be a romantic moment another that you can enjoy in addition to the beauty of the sunset on the beach. The excitement and splendor of enjoying nightlife can also be done with the feel of a more cheerful by visiting various clubs and bars. Various food and beverages are available to enliven the evening. You can order a cocktail to alcoholic beverages such as vodka while enjoying the music disco at several nightclubs can easily be found in the streets around the beach. The nightlife in the area of Senggigi certainly will not stop there. You can find some karaoke bars, pubs, and even a massage place that is ready to serve until the early hours. 

The evening atmosphere in the region ahead of the late Senggigi when it will be more crowded where in some cafe serves a wide screen to watch together activities and dance floor alongside DJ that plays digital music. Various activities in the evening have become one of the reasons why many foreign tourists who could stand to stay longer in the area of Senggigi. The existence of various nightclubs in the Senggigi area is also one of the development impact of a more modern era and diverse. Of course, the higher and varied evening entertainment programs available in the area of Senggigi should also gain control of the local government so that the nightlife in Senggigi not bring a negative effect on the moral development of adolescents and youth in the region.

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