Things to Do When Spending Holiday in Gili Air

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Who doesn’t like to do sunbathing under the tropical taste of a country like Indonesia? Sure you won’t be likely missing that kind of thing. Gili Air, a small island located near the mainland of Lombok, is a perfect place where you can enjoy that. Gili Air beachside has long become an interesting spot to indulge in the sun. On the side of the shoreline, sunbathing while enjoying the scenic beauty is a fun activity. Imagine a lonely world where you can enjoy the natural scenery that seemed present without limitation. That's one thing that you can enjoy when spending a holiday in Gili Air.

Exploring Culture by doing Sunbathing

Warm tropical sun, the sea breeze, and the gracious and calm waves to welcome the tourists. Natural conditions of Gili Air beach also creates different panoramic beauty, which is quiet and clean, tempting tourists to immediately lay down on the white sand beach. So the beach if like a sexy girl who like to seduce you with all the beauty she has. However, Gili Air is not only about doing sunbathing, as there is plenty of things you can do while spending entire holiday on the island. Surfing is one of them. 

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Surfing in Gili Air means that you just have to be patient waiting for the right time to surf. You have to wait at a moment when the surf up and become so beautiful. You can also jog along the shore, and it becomes an alternative activity you should pick when you are in Gili Air. The tropical sun in a tropical beach provide many things for you to enjoy. From just sunbathing to ride a bike along the seashore, Gili Air has a space which is quiet and be the one you won’t ever forget.

If you get bored with all of them, you can also doing another activity like snorkeling or diving. When you choose to explore the underwater world in Gili Air, you can visit the 5 favorite spots that will present the beautiful scenery of underwater. These five spots include Water Wall, Water Slope, Frogfish Point, Segaluh and Malang Reef.Rows of coral reefs and a group of fish with interesting colors is a paradise for lovers of underwater sports. Above, on the beach, you may enjoy the tropical taste of sun; under the water you will enjoy different things. And these all came under a package of ‘enjoying the life at a tropical island’.

So if you are currently making a plan for the holiday, make sure that Gili Air has been put on the list. This small island is usually crowded in July-August. Most visitors are from overseas, such as Australia, Britain, France, Netherlands, Italy, and other countries. Sun, underwater life, as well as the calm conditions on a small island, all of them are a few things that would be easily obtained from Gili Air. Will you skip Gili Air on the list of place you will visit in Lombok? You better not.

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