Tips Culinary Tour for Pockets are Not Wasteful

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Lombok: Indeed, traveling without a culinary tour is not fun. Do not be surprised if many travelers scheduled culinary tours in their itinerary. Tasting local specialties in tourist destinations is a mandatory agenda because it is difficult to find similar food in a traveler's place.

However, culinary hunting in a newly known tourist spot is not a simple thing. Many things can be an obstacle to finding culinary objects according to purpose. Starting from the ignorance of the dining place? What are local specialties? And most importantly, does the price also fit the pockets?

It's no secret, the cost of eating during traveling one of the biggest components in spending. Therefore, cleverly manage expenses. Do not get in the middle of the holiday period, just run out of money because it does not have good control when managing expenditure. Includes expenses while eating at various restaurants.

If this happens, not only is the finances disturbed, but the rest of the travel time also becomes unpleasant again. Well, for the atmosphere of holiday fun is not damaged because of such disorders, following culinary tips from that can be considered while traveling. Among others:

#. Find Culinary Spot Reference

Before leaving, you should already look for references to typical culinary attractions and hits in the area. Can search through the internet, magazines, television or by asking friends or family who understand the area. Recommended dining places can be a dining arrangement during your trip. Find the exact location to avoid confusion when you get to the destination.

Therefore do not forget googling to find information about the area. Starting from the information about the sights you will visit? Means that can be utilized? Whatever happened there? What to watch out for? Especially, also about food. What are the regional specialties? How's the price? Where are cheap food stalls? Search for more information.

#. Set a Budget for Culinary

Not a secret, we often forget to brake the expenses when traveling. Therefore, you must determine the budget to eat during the traveling. Maybe not precision, but with good calculations from the beginning, you will be helpful in controlling finances during traveling.

Set food budget appropriately, for example by determining a daily budget or budget every meal. That way, you can control spending every meal at a restaurant you visit later. Avoid eating without calculation, do not select an expensive food menu because it will soon spend your vacation funds. It would be wise if you choose a menu that is affordable.

#. Set the Culinary Time to the Right

Delaying the meal will save on expenses. Make no mistake, in addition to the risk to health, this behavior can actually make a bag burst. Why? Because of the possibility, you will be more snack and snack various foods whose price is not necessarily cheap. Especially if you buy it at the tourist sites that are being visited.

Organize your schedule well, including eating schedule during traveling. It would be nice to have an effective meal schedule, where to choose the right time to come and arrive at the nearest cheap restaurant. Find information on the inexpensive restaurant from the beginning, so it can easily find and dine quietly by the time the meal arrives. This will certainly make it easier, especially when visiting several locations at once, where the schedule will not be disrupted due to irregular eating business.

#. Do not Catch Me Entrance Culinary Place

Find and choose restaurants that offer cheap and friendly prices for the bag, but of course with a taste that is not less delicious than the various fancy restaurants out there.

#. Do not Be Shy Ask Price

Ask about the price before deciding to buy, sometimes often underestimated by the traveler when the first holiday in a destination. You must be careful. Appearance does not guarantee price. A restaurant that glance looks very simple, not necessarily presents cheap prices. Therefore, before a culinary tour, do not hesitate to ask about prices. You must often read in social media, posting a traveler who is angry because they feel cheated or tricked by the owner of the restaurant to the price that does not make sense.


Once inside a restaurant, you should immediately alert if there is no menu list complete with the price of food sold. This situation is sometimes a merchant's mode of sale to set prices many times over the price. Unreasonable price is only discovered when visitors finished eating and will pay. This is the mode that is often called gouging. In order not to end up irritated,

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