4 Best Places to Go in Tetebatu


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Mount Rinjani can be the center of attraction in Lombok. There is no doubt about it but Mount Rinjani is not the only interesting thing in Lombok. About two kilometers from the southern line of Mount Rinjani National Park, you can find a small town called Tetebatu. This is the place where you can experience the traditional village life in Lombok for real. Everything in the village is so natural without any business touch. This is the place where you can find the artisans who make traditional handicraft of Sasak. You can look for basketry and black terracotta in this town. Besides buying traditional handicraft, you really have to visit these interesting places in Tetebatu.

Jukut Waterfall

It is not difficult at all to find spectacular waterfalls in Lombok especially in the north national park around Senaru. You can also find waterfall in Tetebatu such as Jukut waterfall. There are two methods which can be taken to reach the waterfall. First of all, you can choose two hour walk from Tetebatu to reach the waterfall. The walk is really pleasant because you will walk through the rice paddies with beautiful view.


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However, you can also just drive to the main car park of the waterfall area. From the car park, you have to walk about two kilometers down through well made track. There is belief among local Sasak that the water from this waterfall is beneficial for curing baldness.

Tetebatu Monkey Forest

Monkey forest in Ubud is very famous as tourist attraction in Bali. Lombok actually can also offer visitors with great monkey forest such as in Tetebatu Monkey Forest or Taman Wisata Tetebatu. Although you can use car to get there, you should try more natural way to reach this place.

You can just take a gentle walk for about four kilometers to the north of the town. In this place, you can meet a lot of macaques. You can also enjoy beautiful scenery and even waterfall.


Tetebatu can actually offer people with beautiful nature attraction. However, it will also be great if you can witness the local tradition in Lombok. For this purpose, you should go to Kotaraja which is located about five kilometers south of the town. It is known for the peresehan, traditional stick fighting in Lombok. There will be regular event held for this activity. Young Sasak men will fight each other as part of ceremony only during the event. There will be weapon used but it is only rattan stick combined with shield made from buffalo skin for protection.

Tetebatu Waterfall

Another waterfall can also be found in Tetebatu and it is Tetebatu waterfall. The location is pretty close to the black monkey forest and the lake. From this place, you can enjoy the panorama view. However, you will also be able to enjoy the traditional Sasak village as well as local custom as well. This will be a great way not only for enjoying the nature view but also getting closer to the local culture of Sasak.

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