4 Gorgeous Beaches in Sekotong


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Hunting for beautiful beach becomes an experience which people should try when visiting Lombok. Of course you have to skip the mainstream beaches such as Kuta and Senggigi beach because there are more options to see. Sekotong located in western part of Lombok will be the right place to do unique, beautiful, and anti-mainstream beaches. Here they are.

Desert Point (Bangko-Bangko Beach)

Why do people look for beach as their holiday destination? Some of them just want to enjoy the water and play with the sand. However, some other people want to challenge the waves. Surfing surely becomes very popular activity which makes people love the beach the most. It does not mean that any beach can be a great place for surfing. If you are looking for the best place for surfing in Lombok, Sekotong can offer one great option. Bangko-Bangko beach which is also known as Desert Point is one of left hand barrels which are longest and also makeable on earth. One wave has possibility of 20 seconds tube time. You do not have to love surfing to enjoy this beach because the beach itself can offer visitors with superb view.

Elaq-elaq Beach

Another beach in Sekotong which must be visited is Elaq-elaq beach. You will witness a piece of heaven at this place because the turquoise water presents the freshness not only to the sight but also to the body once you jump into it. Soft and white sand makes you do not mind to spend a lot of time at the shore while enjoying the view of the water. It is special that you can also find the hills bordering the shores. The combination of the green hills, turquoise water, white sand, and blue sky becomes an experience which cannot be forgotten too easily. You can also try to find the perfect coral scattered around the beach to take unique photo.

Mekaki Beach

Yes, it is true that Lombok is famous with Kuta and Senggigi beach. Both can offer people with beautiful view for sure. However, people should visit Mekaki beach in Sekotong and they must admit that there are more and more beautiful beaches that can be explored in Lombok. Combination of white sand and turquoise water will be offered by this beach. It is great that the shore of the beach is pretty long. Walking along the shore and enjoying view can be done almost endlessly. You will not be able to wait to jump into the clear water that is super inviting.

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Nambung Beach

Nambung beach is kind of unique beach which is hard to find in other places except Lombok. This is the place where people can find the salt waterfall. Technically, the water flow comes from the huge wave that crashes the reef. That is why you will see temporary waterfall at the beach. This is also the place where you can see the seaweed farming by the locals. One thing for sure, you still can find the beautiful white sand beach at this place.

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