5 Must Visit Places in Sembalun


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Lombok tourism cannot be separated from Mount Rinjani which can attract many people from all around the world to hike. Sembalun becomes the popular starting point for Mount Rinjani hiking but this place is not only about Mount Rinjani hiking of course. There are some great places to visit in Sembalun.

Blek Village

Blek village has important meaning for Sembalun people because it is believed as the origins of their ancestor. There are seven traditional houses in this place. The villagers worked together for building those houses. The Sembalun today was started from these houses according to the local story. Since they are traditional houses, natural materials are used for building the house. Dry leaves are used for the roof. Anytime there are special guests visit to this place, they will be welcomed with traditional dance and music.

Pergasingan Hill

Mount Rinjani hiking might be one of the most popular activities which are done by many visitors in Lombok. Hiking this beautiful mountain will days but you will be able enjoy superb view of Mount Rinjani in hours by visiting Pergasingan hill. It can be a hill but still you need effort to reach the top of the hill due to 60 degrees escalating track. Camping will be a great way for enjoying the beautiful Sembalun and Mount Rinjani view from a far. Do not forget that you can also enjoy gorgeous sunrise and stargazing from this place.


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Dandaun Hill

Pergasingan hill might be a rising star for recent Sembalun tourism but you can also find another hill option which can offer you with unique experience of viewing Sembalun and Mount Rinjani from a far. However, you can find a savanna with soccer field size on this hill. It becomes the place for locals’ cow to eat the fresh grass. You just need to build the tent and camp with the cows as your neighbors while enjoying the great Rinjani view.

Pusuk Sembalun

Sembalun seems like a place which can be enjoyed from the top. There is no doubt about this because you can see the beautiful pattern of the crop field. That is why there are some options of Sembalun viewing from the height including from Pusuk Sembalun. It was used by mountaineers to take a rest after tiring Rinjani hiking but now there are more and more people who want to enjoy the beautiful view from this place as well. It is surrounded by green valley and hills so you will be able to capture amazing landscape picture from this place.

Mangku Sakti Waterfall

If you visit Sembalun, it is better for you not to miss visiting Mangku Sakti Waterfall. It is kind of hidden waterfall because it is not that well known yet among tourists. That is why the surrounding of the waterfall is very natural. The water falls from the height to the pool underneath and flow to the small river with beautiful natural stones. Just remember to be careful if you want to swim in the pool because of strong water current.

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