6 Fabulous Gilis in Sekotong


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Gili Nanggu

Gili Nanggu will offer visitors with experience of nothing. It is more about the fact that compared to Gili Trawangan or even Gili Meno, Gili Nanggu is much quieter. However, in this small island, you will meet the crystal clear water and white sand beach. This is a perfect place for relaxing. You can have perfect snorkeling or diving experience in this place.

Gili Kedis

For lovers, Gili Kedis can be romantic destination that cannot be missed in Lombok. This small island has heart shape and you will feel like visiting a private island at Gili Kedis. You will only find small wooden house as place to eat and sleep. Luxury facility cannot be found at this place but you will get luxury experience of super beautiful sunset view.

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Gili Layar

Gili Layar is located not far from Gili Gede. You will not find much options of accommodation in this island but you can make sure that the beach experience at this place is superb. Gili Layar is a great destination for you who love to snorkel the house reef. Once you are done with snorkeling, you can just laze around on the white sand beach and enjoy the view of crystal clear water and Mount Rinjani from a far. You can also hike the small hill in the island to enjoy the sunset view.

Gili Sudak

Just like nature excellence that can be offered by the gilis in Lombok, Gili Sudak also offer people with the fabulous view of white sand beach and crystal clear water combination. Enjoying the beach and water might be a great thing to do in this small island but you can also enjoy delicious lunch with local menu. Eating fresh fish, rice, and fresh coconut with spectacular view must be lunch experience you cannot forget.

Gili Tangkong


Another quiet gili in Sekotong, Lombok is Gili Tangkong. No luxury facilities are available at this small island. This is a perfect place to find peace after all. You can simply just take a walk around the island which will not be exhausting at all. The wind, white sand, and crystal clear water creates amazing environment. You only need to grab your snorkel equipment to see the coral life habitat.

Gili Rengit

Last but not least, you have to visit Gili Rengit in Sekotong. Once again, you will meet quiet and peaceful experience when enjoying the beautiful view of the crystal clear water, white sand beach, and the trees. Some activities can be done in this island including snorkeling and fishing.

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