Hypnotized by the Sunset

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Ampenan is an old town, which keeps the wonderful traces of history. However, we will not discuss history here. We will talk about the amazing natural show that will take place every day on the beach in the afternoon, the sunset. In the south coast of Lombok, Sunset at Ampenan beach is one popular and interesting activity when you visit Lombok.

The sunset is so wonderful with the vast sea in front of you. The bright sun slowly turns into yellowish and reddish that creating amazing sparkle in the surface of the water as it goes down and disappears on the sea. The amazing nature that always successfully makes us hypnotized and grateful that we get the change to enjoy the beauty.

Sunset at Ampenan gives you something better because you are allowed to enjoy such amazing nature show without the hectic of the crowd that very common in sunset beaches. Ampenan beach is not free of human noise but it gives you more space to enjoy the sunset for yourself. In the beach, you mostly find locals, children who spend their free time playing sand and water. You may spot foreign tourists but limited and most of them are on family vacation. It feels nice and somehow warming your feeling.

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In the beach, you can enjoy the sunset while sipping refreshing drink such as coconut water and fruit juice. You can also taste original Lombok dishes. There are many traders offer drink and foods on the beach. Be sure you have some rupiah notes on your wallet. Better if you have small change because the price is commonly cheap.

Although you would be hypnotized by the sunset, do not forget to grab your camera and get some lovely pictures. Sunset at Ampenan is an amazing object for photography. The color of the lights, the water surface, and the unique surrounding will make the picture beautiful and thoughtful. You will value the picture more, once you successfully capture the local wisdom.

To be able to enjoy the sunset, you need to know the specific time. It would be better if you can come an hour before the sunset so you can explore the beach first. You can also come much earlier and enjoy the old town before going to the beach. In the old town, you can get around and shop for various unique items at the Kebon Roek market.

Ampenan is actually located in Mataram. However, you can also get in from Senggigi because it located near the popular beach. It only takes about 15 minutes from Senggigi to get to Ampenan Beach. Taxi and ojek are common transportations to take or you can rent car or motorcycle if you want more freedom to drive.

If you want to enjoy the sunset every day, you can stay close to Ampenan Beach. It will not hard to find a place to stay in Ampenan from backpacker hotel to something more luxurious. However, if you want more complete and wider range accommodation, Mataram and Senggigi would be a better location to find hotel room due to it better development yet very close to Ampenan. 

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