Gili Sunut

Enjoy The Exotic Natural Landscape

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Gili will always be the biggest attraction of Lombok which makes many people spare time at this island. Lombok becomes the new popular tourist attraction in Indonesia. If you think that travelling is about exploring, you surely have to make Lombok Island as your destination. Gili means tiny island but for many visitors, gili refers to the three tiny island sisters including Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno. However, you can explore more gili in Lombok. Instead of those famous gilis which are already packed with the crowd, you can go to Gili Sunut which is no crowded at all.

How to Get There

You can reach Gili Sunut by taking the boat from Tanjung Luar Harbor. However, you can try more extreme method to reach the island by following the land road. You have to go up and down the hill to reach the location. You might find difficulty to get the boat to help you go to the island but you can walk through shallow sea route which is safe enough to follow. Yes, you will experience unique way to reach the island which you cannot do in many other gilis in Lombok.

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The view of the Gili Sunut is absolutely breathtaking. Once you reach the island, you might feel like you are in Africa instead of in Lombok because you can find the savanna covering the island. The thick island make you unable to hold back to take the picture. The combination of the grass, the blue sky, and the blue ocean can create perfect shot effortlessly. Maybe you never imagine that visiting gili in Lombok can offer you with this kind of experience after all.

Hill Trekking

Gili Sunut might be an island but you have to work pretty hard to explore the island. Yes, there is hill you should conquer in the island. Although it sounds a little bit tiring, you absolutely have to follow hill trekking in this island. It must be a fun physical exercise for sure because you will trek along with the sea breeze, the ocean view, and of course the smell of the salt. Anytime you feel tired, you can take a rest under the shade of the trees which can be found in the island.

Beach Picnic

The island also has a beach where you can fully rest after hill trekking. The beach has white sand and you can also find the area which is covered with grass as well. The trees by the shore will also offer the shaded place to take a rest anytime they feel burnt under the sunlight. This is a perfect beach to enjoy picnic so it is better for you to grab some foods and drinks before visiting this place. The sea has calm wave so you can be free to swim at the beach.

If you explore the island further, you might find the former dwelling area of the fishermen. There is only remaining building. The people have been relocated to the new place in Jerowaru since the island will be made into tourism area.

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