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Finding the Simpleness of Social Interaction

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Traveled to the island of Lombok, you can find a variety of unique and interesting things there. Besides nature, you also get to know more about the lives of the people in the tourist area. Social lives from one region to another usually have differences and uniqueness. One form of social interaction in society in Lombok, you can see from the life that exists in the market Gunung Sari. You can visit to one of the markets that are on track to get to the tourist area of Ă¢€‹Ă¢€‹Sendang Gile to find out how social interaction in Pasar Gunung Sari, Lombok.

A visit to a traditional market is able to provide a different experience and atmosphere. It also often causes many people interested to visit a traditional market in the tourist area they visit. In addition to shopping for some necessities or souvenirs, visit a traditional market could also provide an interesting experience. You can see how the social interaction that exists between sellers and buyers. Traditional markets are definitely different with modern market because this market has its own characteristics and uniqueness. Traditional markets are usually quite close to where the local community such as housing or township. You can see the closeness that exists between the seller and the buyer with the interaction that occurs repeatedly or frequent and deep.

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Social interaction in Pasar Gunung Sari also shows the warmth and personal. You can see how the seller that offers merchandise to buyers who crossed in front of stalls selling them. Likewise, buyers who prepared a special strategy for the bargain price of goods to be purchased. Their bargain deals are a uniqueness that can only be found in traditional markets including the market Gunung Sari. From the bargain deals, there are also growing closeness between the seller and the buyer. In addition, the hospitality offered by the seller often also able to conquer the hearts of buyers resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship.

The existence of traditional markets should be still being preserved because this area can be safety valve in the social and economic life of local communities. In fact, when the existence of traditional markets can be maintained and preserved, it is very possible to be developed into a tourist area that could boost the economy a wider public. However, of course, existing traditional markets should also get a better arrangement from the aspect of environment, health, comfort, and safety. This will further open up public spaces to be interested and make the area of Ă¢€‹Ă¢€‹traditional markets such as the room to find the warmth and familiarity.


You should also understand that through the traditional market too, you could get to know the local culture and customs through how to communicate the merchant or buyer. In fact, not infrequently, when you pay a visit to the traditional market in an area, you can find a procedure for the purchase or unique communication between seller and buyer. When you visit the island of Lombok, you can try to look and observe how the social interaction that exists in the traditional market area there. You could try to observe how the social interaction in Pasar Gunung Sari when you want to visit the tourist area or region Spring Gile other markets. You can find a uniqueness that is going on there.

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