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Enjoy Exoticism of the Senggigi Area through Malimbu Lane

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In the area of ââSenggigi, you can find a tourist destination that is fun to enjoy the natural scenery. You can use the Malimbu lane located in the northern part of the area of ââSenggigi. The hilly region precisely located in the village of Malaka, Pemenang, Lombok Utara district. The beautiful hilly area is located about 10 km from the Senggigi area. This path is one of alternatives that can be used to visit the three dykes on the island of Lombok or for you who want to climb Mount Rinjani. Hiking through the hills Malimbu a coastal path where you will pass through the coastal area and along the way, you can see and enjoy the beauty of natural scenery. When you stop on a hill Malimbu, you can see the beauty of Senggigi from different angles.


The path through Bukit Malimbu visitors chosen because of the road is also quite wide, smooth, and not too crowded compared to when you are using the center. Moreover, the hills Malimbu itself is also divided into two parts or spot. In the first spot, you can enjoy the view from the top of the cliff is fenced. You can see the beauty of green hills, valleys filled with palm trees, as well as coastal areas with calm waves and clear water and blue. From that spot, you can also have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Gili Air and Gili Meno which when dusk, you can see the beautiful sunset with the background of Mount Agung in Bali. The spot is an advanced option is very attractive to visitors, especially in the afternoon.

Malimbu lane will continue after passing the first spot. You will traverse regional fishing village in the hamlet of Nipah. Along these streets, you can find many small shops providing grilled fish is the catch of the anglers. It can be one interesting destinations for you who want to enjoy a culinary tour of Lombok. You can find the food of marine fish made into sate known as SateTanjung. Furthermore, after you passed the area of ââfishing villages, you will arrive at the second spot in the hills lane Malimbu and Nipah. This hilly region is more crowded than before because the hilly region in the parking area there are also larger so that it can accommodate several large buses. You can witness the beauty of the area dyke.


When you are in second spot in the hilly paths and Malimbu Nipah area, you can walk across the footpath to enjoy the view of the hills that protrude into the ocean. You can see the green hills combined with coastal areas with clean white sand and decorated with a few fishing boats. You can capture the moment with a camera that you have prepared. However, in this position, you should also be careful because the position of the hill that juts into the sea is located in the area of ââsteep cliffs and is not equipped with a guardrail.


Many visitors prefer to use the Malimbu lane when they want to see the three gili on the island of Lombok. The beauty of the region is presented in such an advanced trip one of the reasons why many people prefer to use the path than the middle lane. Both of these hills are Nipah and Malimbu could be one location to rest while for the visitors that pass before continuing on their way. You do not have to worry about going hungry because you can see some hawkers who offer snacks or stalls with typical food menu Lombok. You can also buy some souvenirs such as T-shirts, pearls, sunglasses, and more merchants around the resort.

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