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Enjoy the Excitement of Crossing Pusuk Lane Lombok

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When you are in the area of ​​Senggigi and plan to continue your trip to some other location, you might get some alternative paths that could be considered to traverse. Usually, the tourists get two alternative paths are paths Malimbu and Pusuk. When Malimbulane uses coastal areas as a pathway to get to other tourist destinations, Pusuk lane can through the jungle Pusuk as the middle lane. Hiking through the woods Pusuk may be an option to go to three gili or Mount Rinjani. However, this path seems still less demands than the coastal path through Malimbu.


When you will go to three gili or to other tourist destinations, you can use the middle lane that passes Pusuk Forest. This forest is located in the border area between the west Lombok and North Lombok. This forest is a protected forest with a wealth of biodiversity that is still very awake. Although this pathway is less desirable, it turns out you can see the uniqueness and excitement as it crosses the region. The forest area was inhabited by a herd of monkeys numbering in the hundreds. Monet does have a native habitat in the lush forest area.


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The existence of a herd of monkeys is also an advanced one of the uniqueness and characteristics of the Pusuk forest where you will see a row monkeys there on the roadside to wait for road users that give food to them. The monkey behavior apparently can be a special attraction for the tourists who use the middle lane.


The scenery and the beauty that is presented in the forests of Pusuk certainly different from what you can see when using Malimbu lines. When you use Pusuk lane, you can enjoy the scenic beauty and the beauty of the forest is still so thick with green trees. When you are in the highest area of ​​forest Pusuk or commonly known as Pusuk Pass, you can see the view of the beauty of the beaches in North Lombok. The peak area also offers a cool atmosphere with typical air of the mountain region. Of course, the excitement while traversing the forest area Pusuk not only to watch the monkeys that scramble neighborhood food of all road users, but you can enjoy a typical drink from Lombok are sold by locals. The typical drink is called the sweet wine which is a traditional and natural drinks made by the locals.


The beauty of the forest area is very charming Pusuk especially the area is lush forest with many large trees that are very beautiful. To enjoy the beauty of the forest area, you certainly do not have to enter the forest, but you can watch the beauty of the roadside while giving food to the monkeys in the region. You also do not need to worry about the monkeys are there because it is tame. However, you should also not be too close or holding wild animals because you certainly do not know how well the behavior of the monkeys. When you use Pusuk lane to get to some other friends on the island of Lombok, you should prepare some food for the monkeys. Besides giving food to monkeys, you can also enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains and felt the cool mountain air.

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