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Hidden Waterfall in The Central of Island

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The people of Lombok Island should be grateful for god sake, because of its incomparable natural beauty. Starting from the bottom of the sea to the mountaintop, all serving a variety of beautiful natural scenery and exotic.

Talk about the nature of the mountains on the Lombok island, especially the mountains under the feet of Mount Rinjani stretching from the tip of East Lombok, Central Lombok, West Lombok, until the end of the North Lombok, making all of four districts in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) have its very beautiful waterfall  as tourist objects.

For example in the North Lombok regency, this region has several waterfalls that have been well known by tourists, like Sendang Gile waterfall and Tiu Kelep waterfalls in Bayan sub-district, then waterfalls Tiu Teja in the kayangan sub-district, and Kerta Gangga waterfalls in Gangga sub-district.


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Besides those four popular waterfalls, in the District of Gangga, there is also another waterfall that is no less beautiful, it’s called Tiu Pupus waterfall which located in the Kerurak hamlet, Genggelang village. It’s only, the most beauty scene of the Tiu Pupus waterfall can be seen during the rainy season, which is from September to March.

Heavy rainfall in the rainy season, making water flow down from the top of the mountain in Tiu Pupus waterfall be great and abundant. In contrary to the dry season, around April to August, the debit of water flows down into small, so the beauty view also reduced instantly.

Besides it’s used for tourist attraction, the Tiu Pupus waterfalls is also a pedestal and hope for the surrounding farmers. Therefore, the local government on July 12, 2004, has made Sengkukun Dams to accommodate the flow of the Tiu Pupus waterfall, which is then used to meet the needs of irrigation for 500 hectares of paddy fields and plantation belonging to farmers below it.


From the Mataram city, the Tiu pupus waterfall; has a distance about 60 kilometers, with a travel time about 1.5 hours using two-wheeled vehicles or four wheels. The trip route that can be passed are  from Mataram - Pusuk - Pemenang - Tanjung- Gondang - Lendang Bagian - Kerurak - Tiu pupus Waterfall. Or it could be passed the route from Mataram - Senggigi Beach - Pemenang - Tanjung- Gondang - Lendang Bagian- Kerurak and then Tiu Pupus Waterfall.

If using public transport, visitors can stop in the Gondang Market then can continue the trip to the waterfall by using the Ojek (motorcycle) services which is about 5 kilometers or around 15 minutes driving. it’s better if the visitor could going by their own ride because the road to the location has been repaired and paved and also the location of the waterfall could be easy to be found with so many road signs are attached to the road.

Once arrived Dam Sengkukun, visitors can park their vehicles in this place, and then continue the trip to the Tiu Pupus waterfall on foot about 15 minutes. After crossing the bridge over the Sengkukun dam, then down the path on the edge of the dam, pass the wooden bridge on the edge of the dam cliff, back along the edge of the dam, and here we are, arrived at the location.

How much is the fare of the entry ticket? Because all of the facilities is not provided yet, the management still do not charge any entrance tickets to visitors. But we ask them to fill their data on the guest book or donate money as they please for the repairing cost of the wood and bamboo bridge that connect the edge of the dam to tiu pupus waterfall

Tiu Pupus waterfall has about 20 meters in height, on below it forming a pond of ​​approximately 10 square meters, with a depth of approximately 4 meters. On around the waterfall is looked more beautiful and lush with the existence of flowers that arranged in the neat garden.

There is also a bridge that crosses over the river to staring at the waterfall, Berugak for visitors resting place, as well as two bathrooms with toilet for the needs of visitors.

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