Narmada Park Lombok

Historical Garden of Balinese Kingdom in Lombok

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Narmada Park Lombok is the beautiful place full of the beauty of nature and traces of Balinese Kingdom history. The park that located about 11 kilometers east of Mataram is one of the biggest parks in West Nusa Tenggara. The park is very beautiful and somehow just like a miniature of Rinjani Mountain. A local tale tells that this park is made as the ruling king of that time asked all palace architects to bring Rinjani Mountain atmosphere to the center of the town. 

This park is a good place to learn a little history of the Balinese Kingdom in Lombok. The park was made in the year 1727 when Raja Anak Agung Ngurah Karangasem ruling Bali and Lombok. The name of the park was taken from a sacred river in India called Narmanadi River. The park itself consists of Hindu Temple and swimming pool.

This park has been being the place to host Pakelem ritual. The ritual takes place every year where Hindu people offer various harvested goods to the God as gratitude for everything given to them.

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In the old time, apart from the place for ritual, this park was also a place for King and the family to have some rest. When you visit Narmada Park Lombok, you will see building in front of the gate of the park. The building is called Bale Agung. This building was the place for King to host meeting with his men. There is also Bale Loji. This building was a place to keep weapons of the palace soldiers.

For people who love to learn history, this is a good place to get the traces of history when feudalism of Balinese Kingdom ruled Lombok. This is also a good place to learn the architecture of Bali at that time. Although the park is a little run down today, it still show how the great architecture of old Bali and Lombok.

For you who love superstitious things, you need to come to the Youth Fountain inside the park. In this fountain, run fresh water from Rinjani Mountain. People believe that the water could keep youthfulness to someone who drinks the water or wash the face using the water. Therefore, you will see a lot of people come to the fountain to taste the water. If you do not believe the superstition, you should to taste the water, as well. The water is so refreshing. It will give you more energy to play in the park.

When you come to the park, make sure you have a lot of energy so you can climb the steps to Pura Kalasa that located in the upper side of the park. In the top, you will find a beautiful temple surrounded by wonderful nature. All the exhaustion from climbing the steps will instantly disappear after you enjoy the beauty of Narmada Park Lombok.

The park is open for public and it is one of the most popular spots in Mataram. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the park in the fullest, it would be best to come at weekday. In weekend, the park could be so full with tourists both domestic and foreigners that will limit your move.

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