9.7 Hectares of TNGR Forest Burned

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MATARAM - Terrific fire hit the forest area of Ă¢€‹Ă¢€‹Mount Rinjani, on Monday night (21/8). As a result, 9.7 hectares of land were burned. Luckily no casualties, because the team ensures the sterile location of the climbers. But unfortunately, the area is overgrown with flowers Edelweiss.

In the blackout process, officers were constrained. Mainly because of limited lighting and steep and steep fire location. Lucky the direction of the fire that leads to the river facilitate the team, so the river used as a natural fuel burner.

Head of Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR) Agus Budi Santoso explains, the fire was only known officers at around 17:30 Wita. The location is the third post to the extra post, upward. His side then sent a team to extinguish the fire as many as 16 people. Consisting of TNGR employees and the community concerned with fire with the fire control team task force. The distance of the fire location from the resort to the fire point is about 10.5 km. With that mileage, the journey takes about 6 hours.

"They (fire) four hours have reached the location, because while rushing half ran," he said.

After arriving at the site, the team is divided into two. Team one ensures no climbers are caught in a fire. While the two teams made an extinguishing effort by making the skates to keep the fire from spreading. The team managed to extinguish the fire at around 03:00 pm, early morning. Fortunately, no climber was stuck at that time because the location was not a resting place.

"Because the fire occurred in the path of climbing, there are allegations the cause is not natural," said Agus.

However, he has not been able to conclusively determine the cause of the fire, because it still has to be explored again. But learning from previous years, if a fire occurs in the path of climbing then usually not caused by natural factors. However, it is suspected that there is human involvement. Whether it was a cigarette butt removed, a forgotten fire, or a forgotten cook.

Fires can naturally occur because the process is also needed for the rejuvenation of the grasses there. So the ecosystem there is also maintained. But since the fire is on the climbing track, he suspects there is a strong factor of human negligence.


Until yesterday afternoon, the team was still on standby on Mount Rinjani. Because after the fire goes out there is still the possibility of fire happening again. Because the remains of embers are usually still there. Therefore, the team must make sure the situation is secure.

Agus added, with the fire, until yesterday, the team is still monitoring whether the Sembalun path is safe for climbers to climb or not. But for the Senaru climbing route is not a problem, because of the problem only in the point Sembalun only. Fortunately, the fire occurred in the afternoon, so that climbing activity does not exist, either up or down.

"For a while, we are still waiting for the results of the study team that is above," he said.

TNGR Karhut Coordinator Daniel A Rosang added that the current weather conditions are hot, and the mountain area is dry. One of the causes of the fire from the afternoon until the morning was due to a strong wind. This is exacerbated by dry land weather conditions. In the science of fire, there are terms of fire triangle, namely fuel, oxygen and human actions. He said that is what can cause the occurrence of a fire. Fuel, in that case, many, such as savanna, weeds, shrubs, small trees in dry conditions, it all speed up the fire.

"With regard to human involvement there, we are still in the process of being diligent," he said.

If there is evidence of human negligence in the event, the officer will give a firm action. In accordance with Law No. 5 of 1990 on Natural Resources Conservation. Moreover, the burning location is a region that overgrown with edelweiss interest about 12 hectares.

Head of TNGR Agus Budi Santoso will make calculations. Especially when there is an element of intent or human negligence in the event.

"It is unfortunate, so if there is human negligence we will act firmly," said Agus.

Meanwhile, Section Head of PW II TNGR Eko Pranoto appealed to all climbers not to carry goods that could cause a fire. Because the situation on the mountain is hot and dry, then climbers must be careful. When finished cooking, it must be ensured the fire is dead. Likewise with a campfire, before being left to be sure it is completely extinguished.

"Cigarette butts should not be thrown away at random," he said. (lombokpost)

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