Amazing, Indonesia got Ranks 6th as Most Beautiful Places in the World

Dwohoo · Friday, 24 February 2017 · 2307 Views

Indonesia has been ranked as 6th of the world's most beautiful country in the judgment of the Rough Guides tourist sites based in London. In addition, Indonesia occupies the number one position in all of Asia to the beauty of the tourist attractions.

The ranking is based on the voting results of the reader Rough Guides, and Indonesia with thousands of islands and volcanoes throughout the vast territory gets a lot of attention. In addition, the country has a wealth of cultural and ethnic diversity are in thousands of different islands.

In the process of voting, Indonesia beat two other Asian countries, namely India and Vietnam, which is in the order of 13 and 20. Only five countries which beat the beauty of Indonesia by Rough Guides travel, namely Scotland to be world number one position, followed by Canada, New Zealand, Italy, and South Africa. There are as many as 20 countries were nominated for the selection of the site's readers.

According to Rough Guides, Indonesia has ethnic diversity, culture, and language that makes it a great country from the standpoint of tourism. A tropical country in the Equator is flanked by Asia and Australia with an area of nearly 2 million square kilometers, contains more than 17,000 islands with more than 250 million inhabitants who have more than 500 different languages and dialects, according to the site review.

"The islands are volcanoes have created mountains rising up into the clouds surrounded by green rice fields or the tropical forest, then down to the beaches of sunny dazzling ocean blue, so that it becomes the backdrop of Southeast Asia with the wild and the region's largest refuge, "said the famous tourist sites.

With such geographical conditions, Indonesia is a place of adventure are endless for trekking, surfing and scuba diving. Indonesia also has won many awards from international diving magazines because of the beauty and uniqueness of underwater nature. Currently, the government continues to build some new potential natural attractions like Labuan in East Nusa Tenggara and Raja Ampat in Papua. (

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