East Lombok Claim Nearly One Million Tourists

Dwohoo · Wednesday, 11 January 2017 · 316 Views

Existence of a number of existing attractions in East Lombok (Lotim) quietly become a dream of every wisatan. Department of Culture and Tourism Lotim, mengklai number of tourists visit to Gumi Selaparang barely exceeded one million.

"Indeed, from year to year the number of tourist visits to Lotim continues to increase. It is the largest reaching 955 082 visits, "said Head PPSDW Disbudpar Lotim, Supriya.

Some of the mainstay attractions Lotim still the main attraction for tourists coming to Lotim. For example, Lake Segara Anak in Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR), Park Pusuk, Pink Beach, Gili Gili Kondo up lights.

Visits in the number of tourist spots have reached tens of thousands during the period 2016 visit tourist sites, include Pink Beach in the village of the District Sekaroh Jerowaru. From the data Disbudpar site visits reached 87 853.

Followed by a visit to Gili lights as much as 50 190, Brain Kokok Pesanggarahan Joben in the village of 41 930, culinary village Tanaq Maiq 36 450, 26 505 Lake Segara Anak up to the waterfall Riding Sembrani 12 493 visits.

"For the future we will continue to intensify promotion. Because our budget for next year has also been raised, "said Supriya.

The existing attractions in Lotim contained in 14 districts. The numbers in the hundreds. Start dai beaches, waterfalls, nature mountains, lakes, ponds, springs, culinary, traditional village to a tourist attraction dyke or small islands.

Not only promotions, Disbudpar has prepared a budget for continuing to fix the facilities and infrastructure that exist in a number of attractions. For example in the tourist village customs Limbungan. Head of Facilities and Infrastructure Disbudpar Lotim Ahyak Mudin claimed to be ready to revitalize a traditional house in Limbungan.

"Even later there wisatan can stay and feel natural feel Limbungan lives of indigenous peoples," he told the Post yesterday Lombok.

Not only increase in the budget, the future of tourism Department claimed to be holding up other tourism stakeholders to increase tourist visits in Lotim. "Because it's travel or travel business operators is moving on its own. Now we want to embrace them in cooperation with the government, "he explained.

Year 2017, described Lotim Ahyak also ready to build Marine Tourism Labuhan Haji (WBLH). Where the artificial travel concept mimics the concept of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol in Jakarta.

"That budget is 50 billion. 40 billion for the acquisition of land 15 hectares and 10 billion for infrastructure development, "he said. 

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