Enact Trash Paid Rp.500.000 at Rinjani, On 1 April 2017

Dwohoo · Wednesday, 21 December 2016 · 646 Views

The beauty of Mount Rinjani is often tarnished by trash. To solve this problem, the NTB provincial government together with the National Park will impose trash paid.

Mount Rinjani so the destinations that targeted the climbers from all over Indonesia. Unfortunately, the act of a rogue climbers who are not responsible to make this beautiful mountain are often filled with garbage.

Although it has been repeatedly cleaned, but it seems it will be useless if not accompanied by a personal awareness of the climbers For not littering. Then Muhammad Faozal, Head of Tourism NTB also plans to subject impose cooking the garbage paid on Mount Rinjani. "As of 1 April 2017, we will enforce litter Rinjani paid to the climbers," said Faozal when met reporters after launching NTB Tourism Calendar in the Hall Susilo Soedarman, Kemenpar Sapta Pesona Building, Jakarta, Faozal also made upset by the act of the climbers who do not bring their garbage down again. This paid trash Faozal meant that the climbers disciplined about taking out the trash that they bring when climbing a mountain. "It's called garbage secured, if he does not take the garbage down, the guarantee money can not be taken," said Faozal.

The amount of bail this waste was not half-hearted, amounting to Rp 500.000 per person. The amount of bail is rubbish apply for foreign tourists and local tourists.

So before a hike, a traveler will be checked bring any luggage, then required to pay a security deposit amounting to Rp 500.000 garbage earlier.
The security deposit can be taken again if the climber proven to bring down trash that he brought back. If not, get ready for it money Rp.500.000 will be floated. "Most plastic waste food, aqua, wrap popmie. It ya act of the climber-climbers. Sacks that we take it down," blasted Faozal.

According Faozal this plan will be finalized by the national park. Expected when reopened on April 1, 2017, the plan paid trash can already be implemented. If you have this, yes wayward traveler jgn litter and littering Mount Rinjani!
Source: detik.com

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