Festival Bau Nyale

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Lombok. A small island in the east of Bali is still not bored to produce charm. Seemed to sink with the popularity of the island of Bali which is also its nearest neighbor, the name of the island of Lombok is never long escape the ears of many tourists. Even though local tourists. However, Lombok is now much different. Not just more beautiful, but also increasingly led to various appeal may yet you know.

Maybe some of us know how lucky we are lacking the time to go visit Lombok in the beginning of the year. Yes, like most areas in Indonesia, the beginning of the year is the peak of the rainy season. It certainly makes us could not enjoy nature Lombok because in that period often torrential rain fell and covered the panoramic beauty of Lombok. However, there are other interesting things that can keep you encounter when you visit Lombok at the beginning of the year. A beauty that might make you know Lombok closer.


Typical annual tradition Lombok Named Festival Bau Nyale

Buddy Tickets, never heard Festival Bau Nyale? Yes, In Lombok, there is a huge celebration filled with culture and tradition. Not only cultural celebration, the festival has also become a traditional ceremony that has been carried down through the generations by the Sasak tribe, tribal Lombok Island. Name Bau Nyale taken two words in Sasak. Smell meant capture, while Nyale is the name for the marine worm that lives under the sea surface. Yes, as a whole is this festival is an event to catch marine worms. However, not just any catches the worm, but a tradition that originated from a legend.

Puteri contest Mandalaika

Puteri contest Mandalika.

This year, the Festival Bau Nyale held on 16-17 February 2017, precisely at the Beach Seger. Then, from where the festival originated? It is said that once upon a time in a kingdom in Lombok, there is a very beautiful princess named Princess Mandalika. So beautiful, this princess became seizure lot of princes and the great figures of the time. However, the princess refused contested and choose to throw themselves into the sea to then turn into "Nyale". It was then the underlying traditions marine worms in this festival. A tradition that originated from a sense of love and respect.

From Tradition, Culture, Up Markers Substitution Season

The story of Princess Mandalika also the underlying presence of various traditions and other cultures in this festival. Call it like Princess Mandalika search contest, a contest similar event beauty queen. In this contest, all participants are young women who are beautiful and come from all over Lombok. There is also the appearance of art Beleq drum, a drum major keseninan nan nyanring form that supposedly used as accompaniment soldiers for battle. Do not miss all the appearance of the hero Stick Fighting, a martial arts culture typical Sasak tribe. Especially for Stick Fighting, this tradition is usually contested in every celebration of the Festival Bau Nyale.

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