How Entrepreneurs Support Ecotourism in Gili Trawangan

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Gili Trawangan one of the attractions that are very dependable local government and the provincial government in supplying a source of local revenue (PAD). Attraction existence with white sand has many entrepreneurs to invest. Along with the development of world tourism, the employers do not want to miss to take a role in maintaining the cultural treasures that exist in Gili Trawangan.

Entrepreneurs like PT MLBI, APGT and other entrepreneurs cooperating Environmental Concern Forum (FMPL) and the Association of Veterinarians Riding Indonesia to conduct socialization to the coachman cidomo to maintain the health of the horse and keep the environment stable. In this socialization, entrepreneurs theme 'I Support healty Cidomo'. "We gave understanding to the coachman in maintaining the health of the horse. And this activity is the second time, "explained Head of Law and Advocacy Association of Veterinarians Riding Indonesia Dewi Fitri Fathia, yesterday.

He relates to Gili Trawangan socialization comes from their petition in 2014 on a horse in Gili Trawangan. By the time it went down gives understanding to the coachman. When compared with the previous year, rearing horses in Gili Trawangan is getting better, even better than ever go areas such as Jakarta. "The average age of the horse here used 17 years. In fact, that age had a break. Pemeliharaanya means better here and the horses are all healthy here, "he admitted.

From the survey results, the coachman hire a horse in a four hour period, then rotated. That should have been the horse to work six hours. Furthermore, in terms of feeding the coachman provide bran and fresh grass. And the coachman here dare to buy grass on land. "Understanding the coachman in providing feed is very nice and organized. Only that needs attention stable conditions, there is still found not leave a pedestal in the form of straw or sawdust. Otherwise wager, then the horse had to sleep standing up. Because usually when dirty horses also do not want to sleep in that filthy place, "he said.

He made sure that the condition of the horse in Gili Trawangan there is nothing to fear. The horse's health condition is very good, so that the tourists do not need to worry. "In the future we will cooperate with the agencies in North Lombok," he said.

In addition, the entrepreneurs also held cidomo paint color uniformity. Uniquely, the coachman cidomo just noticed as he saw the hand of employers who came to paint the cidomo. Of the 164 number cidomo, there are about 50 cidomo painted in turns. "Today, we lombakan where a great paint color that we would Standardize to the coachman cidomo. In order for this cidomo look attractive and nice, "said the chairman of APGT Acok Bassok Zaini.

Meanwhile, one coachman Cidomo H. Suhaili to thank you for the attention of the business community in this dyke. With this kind of attention both to keep horses and uniform color of paint cidomo the coachman greeted him enthusiastically. "This activity does seem small but positive impact on very good to us," he said. (**)

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