Korean Tourists are Herded View to Lombok

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GIRI WIN-Located at the Hotel Sheraton Lombok, the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia, in cooperation with the ASEAN-Korea Centre, Thursday (12/1), Capacity Building Workshop held in Lombok, with the theme "Lombok: Opening New Dimensions for Korean Travellers".

The event has been running since the previous day, as well as an attempt by Kemenpar RI to increase the number of tourists from Korea to Indonesia, in order to support its target of 15 million foreign tourists visit (Wisman) 2017's. "Actually, in the period up to 2015, South Korean tourists coming to Indonesia is increasing, as many as 338 671 tourists, an increase of about 3 percent, compared to 2014 which amounted to 328 122 tourists," said Deputy Foreign Marketing Development Kemenpar RI, Prof. DR. I Gede Pitana.

Only he continued, to 2016 yesterday decrease the number of South Korean Foreign tourists visiting Indonesia, which is only as much as 320 thousand tourists. "What caused it? This is what we want to find the answer in the workshop which we degree in Lombok this by inviting direct stakeholders, or indistri travel in South Korea, while providing former Ambassador to South Korea to Indonesia, Kim Young Sun, who is also Secretary General of the ASEAN-Korea Centre, "Pitana clear.

This activity is expecting any input from the sources that come directly from South Korea, to provide a kind of evaluation and feedback.

"If we look at the number of citizens of South Korea in 2015 and then traveling abroad for a vacation as much as 19.3 million people, or about 38 percent of the population is 50.2 million people. Then the number of South Korean Foreign tourists visiting Indonesia is still relatively very little, in 2015 did not reach 2 percent, "said Pitana.

Therefore he continued, knowing the cause is still at least Wisman South Korea to Indonesia, as well as cause a decrease in traffic through this workshop. "Then will be able to formulate a strategy or tips to increase the number of South Korean Tourists to Indonesia, including to NTB course," explained Pitana.

While the former Ambassador to South Korea to Indonesia, as well as Secretary General of the ASEAN-Korea Centre, Kim Young Sun, the opportunity to say, through such activities is expected to improve the competence of the tourism industry in Lombok (NTB), in providing services to tourists from South Korea ,

The province, particularly Lombok as a tourist destination that is now the destination of international tourist arrivals. The travel business operators in NTB certainly should know the details of the habit of the guests. Including when South Korean Tourists go to Lombok, the travel business operators must also understand the habits of South Korean society, what is preferred and what is not.

"But after we went around to several tourist destinations in Lombok, including looking at the sunset at Gili Trawangan, and observed the potential that exists, then the island of Lombok is very well suited for tourists from Korea," said Kim as he suggests, to hook Wisman Korea south to Indonesia, especially for Lombok, we initiated a joint travel package deals between the islands of Bali and Lombok, to broaden Wisman South Korea on Lombok beforehand.

Similarly, the Deputy Ambassador to South Korea, Cecelia Herawan, said that the potential of the South Korean Foreign tourists to come to Lombok is huge. Only the constraints is a matter of lack of access to direct flights to Lombok.

"This is great PR for the national government. But to be honest, one of which we try in South Korea is the direct flight from South Korea to various regions in Indonesia, including Lombok International Airport (LIA) of course, "explained Cecelia.

Further Cecelia may be somewhat difficult, given the willingness of an airline to open new flight service to a country or region, it is definitely closely related to the business to be profitable. "But through the strong will of all parties, both government and business people travel, it is not possible direct flights to Lombok will be realized," he assured.

Meanwhile, Head of Tourism NTB, HL Moh. Faozal, in his presentation said that South Korea is a highly potential tourist market for NTB, particularly Lombok.

"The character of tourists from South Korea was very fond of smelling out door activities, such as surfing or diving. Moreover, there is Mount Rinjani in Lombok very beautiful. We believe South Korean tourists would love to travel to Lombok, "said Faozal. (Gt)

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