Kuta Beach Area Will be Closed

Dwohoo · Thursday, 24 August 2017 · 1163 Views

PRAYA-Central Lombok district government with PT Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) will temporarily close Kuta beach area, starting Monday (14/8).


This closure was made following the arrival of President Joko Widodo who is scheduled to inaugurate the Mandalika Mosque, on 28 August. Therefore, sterilization of the closure will be done in the area of ââKuta Beach, from 14 to 31 August 2017. This plan is carried out in order to smooth about the construction and construction in the area so as not to be disturbed. "For those who have logistic interests in the region, it is expected to submit a letter of application for logistic licensing to ITDC and we will give the sticker as a sign of entry," said Central Lombok Regent HM Suhaili FT, Friday (11/8).


Later, if there are the hotel owner, restaurant, and a modern retail owner who come for dropping goods, then the concerned must take care of prior permission to the officer who has been provided. "This is solely for the sake of maintaining security to our leaders as a form of gratitude for the abundance of grace that has been given," he said.



So also for those interested in making shuttle guests. So, will be welcome to pass the access road in the mosque KEK Mandalika. "There will be a fence to open the mosque project and there are also directions for paths that can be used for road users," he explained.


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Suhaili also conveyed, there should be no one vehicle that can pass the existing road in Kuta. Even if there are tourists who visit the beach of Kuta, then allowed with the condition must walk. '' Tourists will still be able to visit the closed area but not by driving. Thus, the vehicles will be parked in the west of the area, "he explained.


Furthermore, the local government will cooperate with the police, TNI, Satpol PP and village government to maintain security in the place. Because for him that the arrival of the number one person in Indonesia should be welcomed. "For two weeks we will sterilize, so the father of the resident and other invited guests can feel safe in the NTB," he said. (Lombok post)

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