Lombok Friendly Brands is almost Launched

Dwohoo · Friday, 20 January 2017 · 547 Views

GIRI MENANG-After going through various planning processes drain enough energy during the last 2016 years, the concept of Lombok tourism marketing abroad, "Friendly Lombok" Head of Tourism officially launched NTB, HL Moh. Faozal, right on New Year's Eve 2017 at Hotel Holiday Resort, recently.

According to the Head Dispar NTB, the concept of the international promotion of Lombok compiled by a team appointed by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia, led by Dr Hari Margono, has also done consulting finals with stakeholders of tourism, both the Minister of Tourism of Indonesia, Arief Yahya, as well as the Governor of NTB, TGH M Zaenul Majdi.

From the results of the consultation, there are some changes that was agreed, namely the concept of overseas marketing for the Lombok and Sumbawa Island made separately. "If for the island of Lombok, brandingnya is" Friendly Lombok ", then to the island of Sumbawa overseas marketing concept of" Passionate Sumbawa "," said Faozal.

Separation branding overseas marketing two main islands in the NTB is equally known for its natural beauty and unique cultural arts, continued Faozal, as they realized that tourists visiting the island has two different characters.

"Tourists visiting Lombok, because they really want a vacation that enjoy and comfortable, with various fittings tourist facilities should be adequate. In Lombok they will get all of it. Unlike the leisure traveler to Sumbawa, more travelers are dominated by special interests, like tourists who want to climb Mount Tambora, or who wish to travel sports such as surfing or kite. Therefore, why on Sumbawa Island created its own branding, "said Faozal.

In front of hundreds of guests Hotel Holiday Resort, both foreign tourists, domestic and local, Faozal also said, that the core of branding Friendly Lombok, over the matter of the service of the maximum, and the completeness of the various tourist facilities should be complete.

"That's the island of Lombok we are no longer talking about quantity (amount) of tourists, but the quality. Both the quality of service, quality of accommodation, quality of tour guides, the quality of food and drinks, as well as other qualities that reflect Lombok as an international tourist destination, "said Faozal.

Related to that, Chairman of the Indonesian Guides Association (HPI) NTB, DR. H. Ainuddin, SH. MH, very supportive once the policy has been implemented through branding NTB government tourism promotion abroad, and will soon be consolidated with the rest of HPI NTB that number reached 800 members, to take the role and success. Including of course coordination with the DPP HPI, HPI se well as DPD Indonesia.

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