NTB The Host Komodo Exercise 2018

Dwohoo · Tuesday, 28 March 2017 · 1087 Views

Mataram - NTB will host the international-scale event, Komodo Exercise multilateral 2018. One event that was held Navy once every two years, would be held in Lombok, in April 2018.

Danlanal Mataram Colonel March Djentaju Suprihandoko say, this event is one form of support of the Navy to support the travel target of NTB. The plan, in April 2018, there will be 29 Navy ships from 29 countries, gathered in the sea of ​​Lombok, Komodo Exercise to follow in 2018.

"We chose Lombok, hoping to give a different feel to the previous administration," said Djentaju.

Later this activity is expected to bring positive benefits for the development of small and medium industries in the province. Including promoting and echoing the name of the NTB in the eyes of the world.

Similar revealed officials from Headquarters Marine Colonel AL Irvansyah. According to him, this event is a good opportunity for the NTB's increasingly known to the world. Many countries that follow these activities, can be used as promotion of typical products NTB

"Of the many participants from various countries, will definitely shop to buy souvenirs. This is a good opportunity to introduce local products area, "he said.

Admittedly, so many value added products, such as weaving, pearl, until cukli who had targeted foreign tourists. For that it will coordinate with related agencies for smooth this activity. For the sake of the smooth running of the event, now it is also conducting a survey. Including related orientation depths of the ocean that will serve as the event location.

According to him, from every ship that participated in this activity at least will contain 200 personnel. With a total of 29 participating countries, there are an estimated 8,000 Navy personnel, including from the AL.

Meanwhile, Vice Governor Muhammad Amin NTB hope it could be a promotional event NTB. Cause a multiplier effect for the economy NTB.

"The area of ​​our wider sea from the mainland, with a variety of maritime potential, would be an interesting place for the participants," explained Amin. (Dit / r2)

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