Ogoh-ogoh Year ascertained More Hilariously

Dwohoo · Monday, 27 March 2017 · 791 Views

Mataram - Ummat will hold worship Hindu Nyepi. Before Nyepi, in Mataram will take place Ogoh-ogoh parade on March 27. Municipal Government ensure Ogoh-ogoh parade this year will be more lively than the previous year.

Currently residents in each banjar middle make Ogoh-Ogoh various sizes. Some even make Ogoh-ogoh jumbo. The parade will take place at the intersection of Street Pejanggik until four Cakranegara.

Head of Tourism Mataram H. Najib Abdul Latif said the Ogoh-ogoh is a series of Nyepi Day every year. All environmental, hamlets and villages have provided their best Ogoh-ogoh.

Ogoh-ogoh parade as well as a vehicle for the promotion of tourism in Mataram. With this activity, Latif expect religious tolerance is maintained. "How is the spirit of togetherness tolerance maintained properly. Let us respect each other, "for short.

Meanwhile Lurah Sapta Marga Sugiartha Wayan said, some preparations have been made in each village. "Ogoh-ogoh is bhuta kala embodiment. Aiming to provide the bhuta kala treats so it does not disturb the people who will carry out the celebration of Nyepi, "for short. (Dir)

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