Potential tour, 20 Hectares of Land Regional Government Never glance

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Selong - Land that is located very starategis, right in the middle of Dam Padandure area of ΓΆ€‹ΓΆ€‹20 hectares, has yet been considered by the local government. Even so far as to circulate information that the government will lease the land that is in the Pandandure Dam.

"Based on the information I've heard, it would land leased to the public. why not give people manage just free to grow crops and the like, "said village chief Embung King, while visiting Dam Pandandure to Radar Lombok, Thursday (29/12).

It is said, had previously been presented at several forums in East Lombok regency, to build a dam Pandandure contained vacant lot which is great for tourism. Moreover, the extent of which is very good for building places of villas and hotels that can attract tourists.

If the village head has the authority to build on land owned by the government. Besides being prohibited, would also need funds to build very high. It will manage the land, to open up new employment opportunities for the community.

"If I become the local government, I would tell people to grow crops or manage it. Just do not have, because the state assets, "he said.

Therefore, in order to land a very strategic, and could attract tourists. He said he would try to build with crude equipment, so that the youth and the community can make the place come together and work.

"If on the outskirts Dam Padandure which is near the land that I've started to get up, which will be used for working with young people, and can be used to relax with his family," said village head.

Although it has plans to build on land owned by the State, so far can not be realized. Therefore, no investor is willing to invest to build something that could be utilized by the NTB, but investors from within the country.

"For example, there are investors who come from abroad it was very nice. However, investors should follow the rules that we apply. If foreigners who want to invest and to rule him, then I would not agree, "he concluded. (Cr-wan)

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