Religious Tourism, The ambiance shade Al-Qur'an at the Central Rice

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CENTRAL LOMBOK, Lombok Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) continues to lure tourists with the diversity of its tourism potential that continues to grow. Known as Thousand Island Mosque, religious nuance obviously much less pronounced when setting foot in Lombok.

Not far from Lombok International Airport (BIL) in Praya, Lombok, NTB, there is a tourist village that is worth a visit. Tourism Village Setanggor name. The village is located in the district Praya West, Central Lombok, is only about 5 kilometers from BIL.

There are 14 points on offer tours for visitors, ranging from cultural tourism, educational tourism, agribusiness travel, culinary tours, and of course the nature so fascinating. The interesting thing is religious tourism, where visitors can recite in the middle of rice fields in the hamlet of West Setanggor I.

The originator of Village Tourism Ida Setanggor Wahyu (29 years old) said, travel Koran in a field not provide a new experience for every tourist who comes. It is also in line with the program "sunset chanting" NTB Governor Muhammad Zainul Majdi TGH.

Until now, there have been 30 tourists who feel the sensation of the Koran in the middle of paddy field after Asr prayers accompanied ust. "According to the plan there will be a Koran in the middle of rice fields at sunset with a torch," he said in Setanggor, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, on Sunday (15/1).

He said, Setanggor drafted with tourist villages are in line with branding halal halal tourism in Lombok. "This area used to be known as Texas, as many are selling wine, now on the cap," he said.

Slowly, he changed into a tourist village Setanggor image-based kosher and friendly for every tourist who comes. She denies the attempt to change the face Setanggor often confronted with obstacles. However, in good faith in community building in the village of origin father makes him optimistic for continued progress.

Commitment to build a tourist village-based religion, he said, indicated with no usury in any development of this tourist village. The initial capital of Rp 20 million he remove from his personal cash. Women have started his original Lombok Tourism Village Halal Setanggor in September last year. (* / REP)

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