Rinjani climbing Closed Starting On January 1

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Mataram - The status of Mount Rinjani is still level two or alert. Therefore ascent to Mount Rinjani closed from January 1 until March 31, 2017.

Even so there are still climbers reckless ride through illegal channels or lines of mice that amounted to 36 locations. Head of Central Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR), Agus Budi Santoso said the closure of the climbing is done on the recommendation of the Board of the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG). "Although it is closed, we did keep an eye trouble climbers through the rat. That number as many as 36 lines of mice or illegal," he explained on Friday (30/12).

Delivered, this time TNGR officers continue to conduct surveillance against illegal climbers. But due to limited personnel and the number of lines of mice create difficulties attendant. It certainly should not be allowed to continue to go on.

To overcome the number of lines of mice, from April 2017 will be moved to the post SENARU Trap Gawah. "So later post SENARU we move into the approximately 1 kilometer more, though later there climber detected illegal," he said.

Not only post SENARU course, other official channels through Sembalun will also move to the post two. This is done to absolutely minimize the climbers who come through the rat. However, the door will be moved to the post Sembalun two can not be conducted in 2017. Due to budget limitations the cause, so it will take effect in 2018.

TNGR itself is actually shut down the hiking trail through Senaru and Sembalun, for the safety of climbers themselves. Given the unfavorable weather and could endanger hikers. "This also we do to let the existing ecosystem can grow, flourish and sustainable," said Agus.

Besides about the number of lines of mice, problems faced TNGR also related trash. Not long ago, more than 10 tons of garbage was brought down from Mount Rinjani. In the future, starting April 2017 throughout the climbers are required to maintain the cleanliness of garbage Rinjani.

One way that can be used is by their rules of bail or deposit. Each climber either individual or group must bail to the officers. "Nominal we do not agree, but clearly they have to take it down again sworn in. That is why there must be a security deposit they submit," he said.

Planned, bail between local and foreign climbers of different nominal. Local climbers will be cheaper than foreign. So far the proposed nominal generally ranges between Rp 5 thousand to $ 1 million.

Number climbers will also be limited in the future. Given, too many climbers can also make the natural beauty that is difficult to enjoy. "So now they're performed the study, the results of that study we will use what the ideal number of climbers in a day or can be accommodated in Rinjani," said Agung.

Until now the number of climbers continues to increase. Throughout 2016, the overall number reached 91 412 visitors. Consisting of 61 thousand and 30 thousand local visitors more foreign visitors or foreigners (WNA). (Zwr) 

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