South Coast of Lombok, Newly Developed Travel Destinations

Dwohoo · Thursday, 12 January 2017 · 299 Views

Tourists visit All West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) INCREASED increasingly. Still traveler deployment destinations are concentrated in too long, especially on the West Coast such Lombok Senggigi Beach, Batu Bolong Beach, Coastal Kerandangan, Gili Beach, Sekotong Beach.

West coast of Lombok Indeed Already familiar to tourists. Now, the Department of Culture and Tourism of West Nusa Tenggara directs South Coast Central Lombok as new Tourism destination development.

Destinations Throughout Turkish singer is in Central Lombok, West Lombok Up. South Beach neighborhood Singer Outside Mandalika Lombok Tourism Region Yang handled by PT Indonesia Tourism Development as State-owned enterprises.

There ADA Mawun Beach, Selong Belanak, Semeti, Nambung The AT-hour Certain pairs of air spilled through the hills in the Central sea, Telawas - are no less good WITH Tourism Region Raja Ampat, West Papua.

Then in West Lombok ADA Sekotong Beach, Desert Point Bangko-Bangko And Mekaki. "We did Strengthening The south coast, '' said Chief Disbudpar NTB Lalu Moh Faozal while talking AT Reflection NTB Tourism Development 2016, Friday (23/12/2016).

In addition to ITU, did Strengthening valley of Mount Rinjani, Lombok Timur Lawang Sembalun prayer time has won the title of Halal Travel Honeymoons destinations, then make corrections Also Moyo island which is known celebrities Being LOCATION Resorts World. "Also Until Region All Tambora in Dompu and Bima," he said.

2017, tourism NTB Jiwa Manulife gain of Rp 41.5 billion from the budget NTB. Period does not include the budget Originating From the Budget of the Ministry of Tourism. "We want to achieve the goals Visits Four million orangutan 2018," he said.

IN 2016 Singer, is believed able to meet the target of three million visits orangutan. As of September 2016 whereas Then It counted kunjunangan 2586 million tourists orangutan. THEREFORE, Year 2017 Upcoming targeting NTB visited 3.5 million people.

Faozal adding Stay Focused improvement Strengthening destinations. In addition ITU Also Institutional Strengthening of inspection Class Start to review the certification, halal certification Also, licensed tour guide.

Director of Vital Security Police Commissioner Eko Waluyo NTB said the significance of Security Against rating. He several times visited by guest from England who asks is a security issue for the review of its citizens. "The APA Steps Against Foreigners prepared," he said While adding Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air EVERY day visit 29 Quick Ship That brings travelers.

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