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Why do people keep visiting Gili Air? Well, first thing first, it is because the island will actually give everything if you need from a quiet, relaxing small island. Gili Air is the most populated island among the three and it has the beauty which people find it hard to forget. Your friend, who has been in Lombok, may put the island on the list of recommendation. S/he will tell you that Gili Air has wonderful beaches and it has long become an island where you could dive and doing other things like snorkeling. Why beaches on Gili Air were so interesting for tourists?


What you Get from Gili Air’s Beaches


The view around beaches is quite stunning and yes, the eyes will be spoiled with deep blue sea in which you can the beauty of the coral reef complete with many species of fish that swim around. That’s the sea we are talking about. What about the beach and around? Speaking of which, people wish for the sunset and it has long become the main association people could hoped for. So, is there any chance for tourists to enjoy the beauty of sunset when they come to Gili Air?


Hold on. Gili Air has soft sand on which you can lay down the foot and start walking on it. Or else, the beach is opened for you to take a bike ride, trek through the entire island and the village. Gili Air is popular due to the sand on the beach, which is very soft and its neighborhood which is so quiet with relaxing atmosphere. People called Gili Air as an inch of paradise in the middle of the ocean. Such thing means that the island is worth a visit. You should take a ride to the whole part of island, as there are many spots to enjoy.


Spots to Enjoy when you are in Gili Air


Beach is one thing and definitely you can find many complements to such a beautiful beach. There are jogging tracks lined with tropical plants as a fence. On the side of the shoreline, sunbathing while enjoying the beauty of the scenery should make your day more perfect. To maintain its natural beauty, motorized vehicles in Gili Air. So you can ride motorcycles. Use a bike to get around or alternatively, you can also rent a Cidomo (local transportation based on horse power) to do that.


In the East, Northwest and South of the island, you can visit a number of cafes and restaurants. You can also spend the night in the villas and bungalows with thatched roofs, which feels like you are being in a tropical country (which it is!) The facility provides you all convenience, privacy, and stunning white sandy beach. All of them will cheer your day up. In the evenings, you can enjoy a romantic dinner, with views across the sea. This will bring calmness during the night at Gili Air. From the distance, you can enjoy flickering lights that looked like fireflies.   

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