Explore Gunung Tunak Nature Park, Lombok

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Lombok Island looks like hidden gem in Indonesia tourism compared to its neighbor island, Bali. It might be true that people can still find more and more hidden place to go in Bali but there are much more which can be found in Lombok. If you only think that the ultimate travel destination in Lombok is the gili trio and Mount Rinjani, you should try to explore Gunung Tunak Nature Park in Lombok Tengah. This place can offer you with so many interesting spots in one go. Here are those attractions which you could find in this park.

Butterfly Sanctuary

The first attraction offered by Gunung Tunak Nature Park could be found right from the entrance. Not far from the entrance, you can find butterfly sanctuary. You might notice that there are many butterflies around you when entering the park. The butterfly population increases in February and this can be a perfect time to explore the park along with the pretty butterfly flying around. It feels like fairytale experience in Lombok.


Gili actually can be found everywhere in Lombok because gili means tiny island. Besides the famous Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air, you can also find the gilis in Bukit Tunak Nature Park although you can only enjoy its beauty from far away. They cannot land to those gilis after all. The epic view of Gili Anak Ewoq and Gili Penginang might make you want to step on the stone to reach the gili but you cannot of course. By trekking to the top of Tunak Hill, you will enjoy the spectacular view of Gili Bungkulan. Gili Bungkulan can also be seen from the Bungkulan Cape.


The park covers pretty wide location so you will find different landscape. Yes, by visiting the park only, you can witness the unique landscape of the bay and the cape. You can find some white sand beaches in the park such as Teluk Ujung beach with pretty friendly waves. If you want to find stronger wave, you will find it at Bilasayaq beach. The combination of white sand and blue water will spoil your eyes. The park also comes with Goang Sari beach with exotic scenery. Tunak beach of course must not be missed when you visit this park. Besides the white sand beach, you can also find the grass cover and limestone wall. The sharp rock hill becomes the target of photographer to capture the unique landscape at this place.


The ultimate view of Gunung Tunak Nature Park can be enjoyed fully by climbing the tower located at the top of Tunak Hill. You can see the wide landscape from up above the tower. The combination of ocean view and the cliffs will make you amazed. However, you have to be very brave and more importantly careful when climbing this tower. It is located by the cliff and the wind can be very strong. The tower is made from the steel arrangement so the wind surely will be the biggest challenge for climbing the tower.

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