Getting Charm and Beauty of Sunset in Senggigi Beach

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For sunset hunters, finding the best spot to enjoy the sunset moment at various locations is one of the challenging things that can be done. Many people are willing to visit various destinations location presenting the charm of an amazing sunset views. One interesting spot to enjoy the sunset in Indonesia is Senggigi Beach Lombok. Many people recommend the region to enjoy the beauty of the sunset from the shore. Sunset in Senggigi Beach can be a thing more stunning than other coastal locations is the coastline in this area is quite long with the scenery is also amazing. With the beauty and charm that is owned, it makes this area as one of the most recommended to serve as a spot to enjoy the sunset.

Senggigi Beach is one tourist destination that attracts many visits in recent times this. Stunning scenery in this region makes many people interested to spend their holidays in the place. There are various activities that can be done in the region began with sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, or just spend time sitting relaxed on the shore. Take marine scenery in this area is also still awake so many tourists who choose to take the time to snorkel there. For those who like a challenging action, they could have done to try surfing waves on the ocean beach. Many couples want to get romantic on the beach moment. They can spend evening staring at the seashore with a stunning sunset. Incredible natural scenery can be presented free over there.


To reach the location of Senggigi beach is also not a difficult thing to go. The trip to the beach can be reached by private vehicle, car travel, bus, or other transportation. Senggigi beach area location itself is not far from the city of Mataram that can be taken approximately 30 to 60 minutes. On the way to the tourist areas, you can find the traditional market called Kebon Roek market. Furthermore, you can pass a shrine or a sacred area after the traditional market. The tomb also become one of the Senggigi tourist destinations in the region is very well known in Batu Layar. The next trip is passing through the region where worship of Hindu temple that is a unique and exotic. The temple is located on the waterfront known as Batu Bolong. The existence of the temple could also add the beauty of the sunset view of the coast. This is one spot to enjoy the sunset in Senggigi Beach.

When you arrive in the tourist area of ​​Senggigi beach, you will see that there is multiple art shop along the road leading to the beach. This could be an interesting sight to be enjoyed during the trip because you can see a variety of unique handicrafts, souvenirs, or other there. Located in the heart of Senggigi beach will make you forget all your tiredness and fatigue after a long day. You can do a variety of activities you love start swimming, sunbathing, touring, snorkeling, and even surfing. You can just sit back and relax in a beautiful white sand beach to enjoy the breeze. Senggigi Beach has become one of the widely recommended spot for sunset lovers. You can find the best spot to enjoy the moment the sun sinking in the west.


If you want to paste your relationship with your partner, you can create a romantic moment at the edge of the beach. You can sit on a mat or on a bed of white sand beaches while enjoying the passage of time dusk. You can see how beautiful and serene moment in which the sun is starting to get into the contest. A beautiful sunset can be one of the most beautiful moments to be enjoyed with friends. After you enjoy the beautiful sunset in Senggigi Beach, you can continue to hold a romantic dinner. You can choose to enjoy dinner at the roadside stalls, restaurants or in the café. Vacationing there be a very interesting thing and hard to forget.

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