Kebon Roek Traditional Market and Senggigi Art Shop

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When visiting an area, in addition to enjoying the beauty and charm of natural and cultural tourist destinations in the area, shopping trips become one of the interesting activities to do. In fact, for some people, shopping can be one of the activities required to do when they visit a new place. It also causes a lot of people hunt for information about any location that can be selected to do Senggigi shopping tourist. Senggigi is becoming increasingly well known for their charm charming beach and supported by a variety of facilities that meet the needs and their comfort during the visit in the region.


When you are in the area of ​​Senggigi, you should not miss to visit the traditional market in Ampenan area known as Pasar Kebon Roek. This market is located in Jalan Adi Sucipto, Ampenan that is located in the northwest of the city of Mataram. This market is able to accommodate the thousands of merchants and flooded with tens of thousands of buyers on each day. In traditional markets provided a variety of vegetables, fruit, meat, the basic needs of their daily lives, and others. Traders in this market are grouped according to the type of merchandise. The traditional market is dominated by women as a trader. This traditional market is slightly different from most traditional markets are closed in the afternoon or evening. The market will be closed when it was evening so that women who want to cook and have not had time to shop-to-shop before dusk.


This market is very easy to reach because the location is strategic. Many modes of public transportation are available to get to the location of these traditional markets. It also wants to make it easier for travelers who want to experience the excitement of shopping at traditional markets. In fact, the traditional market has also become one of the compulsory destinations for foreign tourists visiting to Senggigi to see a variety of community activities when buying and selling. Some tourists are also interested in shopping, especially for those who want to taste some traditional snacks menu Lombok so the market is very suitable as a destination of Senggigi shopping tourist.


In addition to traditional market located in the area Ampenan, you can also find other shopping tourism destinations in Senggigi. For those of you who want to shop for souvenirs after a vacation, you can visit the Senggigi Art Market. This is a very precise destination to buy a variety of trinkets as the result of local crafts such as pottery, T-shirts, key chains, woven fabrics, wood, pearls, and more. The prices offered in the art market also vary from the price of five thousand to hundreds of thousands. In the area of the art market, there are dozens of stalls with sales of products that are available varying widely. The existence of the art market has become one of tourist destinations is very interesting because in addition to increasing local revenue and the surrounding community is also a place of interest for tourists who want to get a variety of trinkets typical of the region.


Shopping trips can be one fun activity during a visit to an area. When you visit the region Senggigi, you certainly do not just pursue information about the location of natural attractions such as the beach, but you will be interested to get info about the exciting culinary travel, cultural tours, spiritual tours, and shopping. This will complete your visit to the region. Moreover, when you want to find information about the right destination for Senggigi shopping tourist, the above info will probably help you.

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