Nightlife at Gili Air

Getting all out all night in the private island

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Between three main Gilis in Lombok, Gili Air is considered the most laid-back atmosphere. Compare to the brother, Gili Trawangan that well known for full vibe bars and beach parties all night long, Gili Air could be called quiet. However, it does not mean the island has no fun.

Although not much, Gili Air has some bars where tourists could enjoy the night while listen to the music, drinks, and grab snacks. Usually, the bars close early before 12 pm. In the peak holiday season during May to August, the bars may open longer.

Alcohol drinks are available in the bars but the options are commonly limited. Finding alcohol drinks outside the bars are hard because most locals are Moslem and there is restriction law for alcohol drinks in Indonesia.

Finding party is almost impossible during off-season but in high season, party is hold by one of bars in the island on particular day every week. Apart of occasional party, new moon and full moon parties are very common in several bars. This kind of party is good for you who want to feel a bit of fun to add some beats on your relaxing holiday.

Below are several well-known bars in the island:

  • Legend Bar, this bar is one of the busiest bars in the island with house music and reggae fills the air. During peak season, this bar holds a beach party every Wednesday. On the full moon, they also host beach party. Black Moon party is another regular schedule.
  • Zipp’s Bar, this is the place where you enjoy late afternoon beers while eating nice foods. Various foods are offered from Indonesian cuisine to Western Cuisine. At night, barbeques are served and you can enjoy happy hours. In the full moon, this bar hosts a party each month.
  • Corner Bar, this bar located close to the harbor so you can visit it soon after you arrive at the island.
  • Star Bar, this bar is located next to Blue Marlin Dive where scuba lovers gather to drinks. This bar is also popular among expatriate, especially due to the imported spirits.

Nightlife at Gili Air is good to have social drinking fun. Since party only available during peak holiday season, it would be nice if you do not expect something lively night if you visit Gili Air at off-season. Even in the peak season, the party is not so crowded. If you want something lively and full vibe, it would be better to cross the sea and joint some party at Gili Trawangan.

Since the party venue at Gili Air commonly change from day to day, you can ask the bar owner about the schedule and location. Commonly, they will give you the information you need. Some helpful local may also told you the direction if you ask nicely. Checking out the fliers is another way to know where and when the party is.

If you interest to attend full moon and black moon parties, you need to check out the lunar calendar to know the date. You can also ask the bar owner about the date.

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