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Lombok to Feel Cast Away Experience

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It is said that if people want to be free from the busy tourism environment in Bali, they should consider making Lombok as their travel destination. It might be true that you will find similar yet different circumstance between Lombok and Bali. Various tourism spots in Lombok are revealed to tempt more people to visit. The Gilis which include Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air might attract many tourists to spend time but you should consider visiting Gili Kedis if you really want to get away from tourism crowd. Gili Kedis has some good things which can give you unique experience after all.

Uninhabited Small Island

If you have ever watched Cast Away, maybe you do not want to have the same experience with the main character of the movie. Nevertheless, you will be able to enjoy Cast Away experience in good way when you go to Gili Kedis. This is an uninhabited small island which is located in the southeast Lombok Island. Since there is no one who dwells in this island, you can be alone on the Gili Kedis. It is kind of experience which cannot be found often.


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Private Island Like

In Lombok, the trio Gilis including Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and also Gili Air are very popular among the tourists. It seems like every tourist who reach Lombok Island makes those gilis as their ultimate holiday destination. Compared to those islands, Gili Kedis is not that popular. This can be the reason why there are not much visitors to the island. In this circumstance, you can go to the island to experience the feel of having a private island although you cannot stay the night at this place.

Unique Landscape

Gili Kedis has pretty small size for island. The island will not be more than the size of soccer field after all. To explore the island, you only need about ten minutes because of the very small size of the island. The small size of the island inspired the locals to call it Gili Kedis that means the island of sparrow. The island might be small but there are some trees which can provide shade for the visitors. Not to forget, you will also be able to witness the beautiful natural view in the island. The island has clean white sand. It is combined with the natural coral formation which looks so unique with the canals filled with crystal clear water. You will not get any difficulty to see tiny fishes swimming around the coral.

Honeymoon Island

Once stepping on the island, you can feel the romantic feel instantly. That is why you can choose this island as couple destination. You can enjoy the time of togetherness with your partner while enjoying the spectacular view of the sunset or sunrise. There is no surprise if Gili Kedis is also well known as Honeymoon Island.

To reach Gili Kedis from Mataram city center, you need to drive for about 1.5 hours to Tawun harbor. You can reach the island from the harbor by hiring boat.

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