6 Fabulous Gilis in Sekotong
It is more about the fact that compared to Gili Trawangan or even Gili Meno, Gili Nanggu is much quieter. However, in this small island, you will meet the crystal clear water and white sand beach. This is a perfect place for relaxing. You can have perfect snorkeling or diving experience in this place.
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Lombok Discovery Tour
Drive to Bayan (antique Mosque) Move to Lombok Waterfall in Senaru Village and take your lunch here. On our way back to Hotel, enjoy Malimbu Beach to see three Gilis and see sunset for a while
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Lombok Komodo Tour
Prepare yourself to amaze a tour of Lombok, Sumbawa and Komodo island and chain of small islands (gilis) such as Sulat, Moyo, Satonda and Laba for your unbelievable holiday experience
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Malimbu Lane
Enjoy Exoticism of the Senggigi Area through Malimbu Lane
In the area of ​​Senggigi, you can find a tourist destination that is fun to enjoy the natural scenery.
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Traditional Foods in Gili Air, Lombok
All of us know there are many small islands (Gili) around Lombok Island. Some of the Gilis have been so famous because of its beauty and attractions, one of them is the Gili Air.
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Things to Do When Spending Holiday in Gili Air
n the side of the shoreline, sunbathing while enjoying the scenic beauty is a fun activity. Imagine a lonely world where you can enjoy the natural scenery that seemed present without limitation.
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Events at Gili Air from July to August
In Gili Air the area is more rural with slow development although population is higher compared to other gilis nearby. As the result, you can expect to enjoy peaceful and serene neighborhood, even in the peak season.
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Pokémon Go Fever: Gaming Addiction Never Stop on Gili Air Holiday – Gym Is Also Available
Gili Air is one of three main Gilis (islands) near Lombok Island, East Nusa Tenggara - Indonesia. Although Pokémon GO is not yet officially release in Indonesia, but the game is playable in the country.
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Gili Air
How to Get There and What it Offers
The small island has long become one of the greatest spot tourists should visit when they spend the holiday in Lombok
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