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Senggigi Restaurants and Bars – Nice Dining and Drinks
Senggigi has many restaurants and several bars to fulfill the appetite and thirst of visitors as well as the need to have fun at night. From early morning to late evening, wide array of Senggigi restaurants and bars are waiting for guests.
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Nightlife in Senggigi, More Nights to be More Crowded
Another reason why many people are interested to visit the beach is the beach area is not too crowded although it also cannot be said that the beach deserted. The nightlife at Senggigi seemed to be one of the attractions for people to visit the region.
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Traditional Foods in Gili Air, Lombok
All of us know there are many small islands (Gili) around Lombok Island. Some of the Gilis have been so famous because of its beauty and attractions, one of them is the Gili Air.
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Enjoy the Life in Gili Air
Your friend, who has been in Lombok, may put the island on the list of recommendation. S/he will tell you that Gili Air has wonderful beaches and it has long become an island where you could dive and doing other things like snorkeling
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5 Hotels with Luxury Services in Lombok
Here are some of the hotels that are highly recommended for those who want to enjoy a holiday with a comfortable and luxurious in Lombok.
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5 Local Foods You Should Taste in Lombok
Taliwang Grilled Chicken/ Ayam Bakar Taliwang/ Beberoq. It is one of typical foods in Lombok. Before being grilled, the chicken is marinated first with spices such as dried red chilies, garlic, onions, red tomatoes, kencur, fried shrimps, palm sugar and salt
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Unique Cultural Attractions in Lombok
Lombok is a part of Indonesia that is rich of cultures and traditions. As an island that is still inhabited by most original local people called Sasak Tribe, we still can find kinds of unique cultural traditions in the island.
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Know More about Sasak Tribe, Local People of Lombok
As the local ethnic people in Lombok Island, Sasak tribe is like most tribes in Indonesia. The people belong to Austronesians that moved from Asia’s mainland to South Pacific Islands about 5,000 years BC.
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