5 Hotels with Luxury Services in Lombok

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Indonesia is one country with a variety of unique travel destinations and interesting to visit. One very popular tourist destinations in recent times are Lombok. The location is not far from Bali and Lombok is endowed with enchanting beauty. In fact, when you want to enjoy a comfortable holiday atmosphere by staying in a hotel that offers the best services and luxury, you can also get all of your needs when visiting Lombok. Here are some of the hotels that are highly recommended for those who want to enjoy a holiday with a comfortable and luxurious in Lombok.


1) The Lombok Lodge

This hotel is one of the luxury hotels in Lombok. The hotel is centrally located in Medana where that location is strategic location because it is close to the city centre. One of the five star hotels in Lombok can be a perfect choice for you to stay during a vacation to Lombok especially for those who want to enjoy the feel of the romantic and serene as a couple. This luxury hotel is not too big and is available only nine rooms. However, you can get the perfect service and the best facilities to stay overnight at the hotel. You can enjoy very comfortable facilities such as the private beach, availability of facilities and Wi-Fi internet access in all hotel areas, facilities for doing yoga, and more. Rates stay at this hotel also includes a large with an average price of over five million rupiah for overnight. However, these high prices are very comparable with the facilities and comfort you can get during a stay at the luxury hotel.


2) Kokomo Resort

In addition to The Lombok Lodge, you can find another alternative to enjoy the comfort and the best facilities for a vacation in Lombok. You can choose Kokomo Resort as an option to get the best of luxury and service. Location of resort with luxurious facilities located in Gili Trawangan is also adjacent to some of the interesting sights there. This inn could be an attractive choice both for couples and for families. Resort with luxurious facilities and premium is providing ten rooms with perfect service to all guests who visit there. You can get a variety of interesting features that can be enjoyed during the night at the inn as their swimming pools, a private beach, Wi-Fi internet access, and more.


3) Jeevaklui Hotel

This is another option for those who want to get a luxury service during a vacation or a visit to Lombok. The strategic location and has easy access to the airport makes this hotel an attractive choice for tourists. In addition, the inn's location is also close to several attractions in Lombok as Coco Beach, Asmara Restaurant, and Malimbu Beach. With luxury service and amenities offered, tariff to stay at this hotel includes quite affordable. Therefore, you should not miss to enjoy the perfect comfort of the hotel located in Lombok's Senggigi.


4)     Tugu Lombok Hotel

The location of this hotel is located in Medana Lombok region and could be an option that is ideal for overnight. Hotel with luxury service and best offers easy access to achieve a number of tourist destinations that you want to visit during a vacation in Lombok. Warm and comfortable atmosphere you can enjoy while you are in the area this hotel. More, guests do not need to cost too much to be able to get service and the best facilities to stay at the hotel.


5)     The Oberoi

This luxury hotel becomes an alternative when you want to stay in Medana region. In addition to luxurious facilities and services offered at this hotel, a beautiful environment and a comfortable atmosphere makes many visitors opt to stay overnight at the hotel. Rooms available at this hotel quite a lot is about 50 rooms with premium amenities that will make you feel comfortable like staying at home.

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