5 Local Foods You Should Taste in Lombok

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Taliwang Grilled Chicken/ Ayam Bakar Taliwang/ Beberoq

It is one of typical foods in Lombok. Before being grilled, the chicken is marinated first with spices such as dried red chilies, garlic, onions, red tomatoes, kencur, fried shrimps, palm sugar and salt. This dish is commonly enjoyed with Plecing; a local salad. You should try this local grilled chicken and feel the sensation of powerful spices and delicious chicken.



Plecing is a dish that looks like traditional salad of Lombok. It is made from boiled kale and spinach served with red sauce. The red sauce is made from chilies, tomatoes, salt and a little shrimp paste and lemon drops. It is commonly served together with Ayam Bakar Taliwang. Sometimes, more vegetables are served inside the dishes including green beans, bean sprouts, fried peanuts, etc.The using of local ingredients make this dish very typical. The kale itself, as the main ingredient, has more special taste and crunchier for the growing media is on the flowing water of river.


Satay Rembiga

Satay Rembiga is special satay menu made from beef cubes and the grilled above hot coals on skewers made from bamboo. The delicious taste has been well known to worldwide and many international tourists look for it when they visit Lombok. The satay has sweet and spicy taste. Perfectly served with warm rice wrapped by banana leaves and given a little vegetables. Most restaurants in Lombok serve Satay Rembiga as one of their dishes. But you can taste the original satay in Rembiga Village, Selaparang, Mataram.


In the original village, satay Rembiga taste authentically. Many local women can make the satay because it is a traditional recipe from the ancient royal family of Central Lombok Kingdom. Up to nowadays, satay Rembiga still becomes a typical dish enjoyed by all people because of the authentic ingredients and spices as well as certain technique of cooking.You also shouldn’t pay much to try the dish; have 10 satay sticks, rice and vegetables by spending less than IDR 50,000.



Bebalung is how Sasak people call the ribs of cow or goat.This dish is a kid of soup with the ribs as the main ingredient. The ribs are well-done cooked so you can eat the meat by loose it from the bones easily. The soft traditional seasoning make a perfect blending. As a typical dish, this soup is also always served in special occasions of the local people. The dish commonly comes with plain rice, chili sauce and lemon slices separately.So you can try every sensation of the taste by trying every element of the dish.


Sate Ikan Tanjung

Sate ikan Tanjung or fish satay is the original dish of Tanjung village in the Notherm of Lombok. The satay is made from fishes as the main ingredients; tuna or snapper. The fresh fishes are chopped and then spiced with coconut milk, garlic, chili pepper, lemongrass, and other spices. Then the fish and spices mix are wrapped to the sticks and then grilled. When you visit Lombok, you can find satay ikan in Ampenan and Tanjung as the origins of the dish.

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