Enjoying Ecotourism ala Backpacker

Dwohoo · Tuesday, 25 October 2016 · 926 Views

Today, many parties called for awareness and passion to go back to nature on various aspects of human life. It also became one of the bases to bring exciting options related to travel. If during the travelled synonymous with travelling to an area or a tourist destination has a unique, beauty, or others to obtain happiness, comfort, and entertainment, this time, ecotourism has started to develop into a very attractive option for travel. This tour is not only to gain experience and interesting challenge when doing a search in a forest, riding horses, or the simple things are often done during a visit to the region that express nature. However, this can also encourage the awareness and the spirit of the visitors to take part in preserving nature as well as residents local in the region.


Ecotourism is a type of tourism that has insight into the environment so that through the concept, the tourists invited to see nature up close to enjoy the beauty of nature and the environment so that they can have the awareness to be able to love nature with a variety of activities conducted and relating with nature. In this concept anyway, tourism operation also does not require the availability of facilities modern accommodation with a variety of equipment overload may be even with the implementation of a more simple to be able to create a balance between human life with the natural surroundings as well as the flora and fauna, cultural authenticity and tradition, and others.


The ecotourism concept seems to be one attractive option for lovers travelling with backpacker style. Ecotourism that prioritizes the concept of simplicity is in accordance with the purpose of travelling as a backpacker who is also synonymous with saving travelled. To travel as a backpacker it requires careful preparation even with a capacity of minimal and frugal. The backpackers usually choose to travel only with carry a backpack. This option is perfect when you want to enjoy ecotourism in a number of natural areas such as mountains, forests, beaches, or otherwise. With a simple default, you can be more convenient and comfortable to enjoy your trip.


In addition, eco-tourism where visitors can enjoy a simpler concept of tourism including accommodation facilities so arranged with not too much like their specialty with the concept of ordinary people, footpath, there are no available electricity, or otherwise. This option is very interesting when you enjoy your trip with the concept of backpacking is also closely related to the concept of simplicity and cost. You can enjoy activities travelled but can improve knowledge, learn some of the natural, social, and cultural life of certain ethnic or otherwise. The backpacker usually do not notice the convenience when travelling so when visiting the region with the concept of ecotourism, you will be better prepared to get the accommodation facility or a simple means of transportation.


However, of course, when you are going to travel as a backpacker, you should still have a good itinerary. You can plan your trip carefully before you start to travel. You can also use a guidebook so you do not need to hire a guide to accompany you to enjoy the journey. Conducting a wide selection of backpacking is able to travel as well as ecotourism concept that invites you to get much closer and loving nature. By doing a backpacking trip, you can be more comfortable in enjoying a variety of objects and tourist attractions as well as to get closer to the locals who are involved in providing a variety of facilities and services for visitors who come to the ecotourism site. The existence of ecotourism can be a very attractive option for backpackers to enjoy sightseeing trip in a simpler, affordable, and still close to nature and the environment.

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