Know More about Sasak Tribe, Local People of Lombok

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As the local ethnic people in Lombok Island, Sasak tribe is like most tribes in Indonesia. The people belong to Austronesians that moved from Asia’s mainland to South Pacific Islands about 5,000 years BC. Sasak people full 85% of the population in Lombok.Even the island is near Bali and gets much influence from the Island of Gods, Sasak people embrace Islam instead of Hindu Bali.


The Uniqueness of the Tribe


On the other hand, Wektu Lima is another uniqueness of distinct religion feature in Lombok. It is a syncretic beliefthat is influenced by Islam and other religion elements including Hindu, Buddha and also the ancient traditional belief inherited from their ancestors. There are many Sasak people that embrace Wektu Lima belief and some others follow the mainstream obligatory of Islam including the five prayers times per day.


Sasak Tribe has specific traditions, worshiping rituals, customs, and ordinances to rule their everyday life, including when they build a house. Most of the people do farming as their main livelihood. Meanwhile, the women make traditional weave at their homes. They produce unique weaves in beautiful colors and various patterns that are loved by most tourists that visit Lombok.


When they build a house, they make another uniqueness by mixing the soil and cow dung to be the materials of building every floor of the house. They don’t use cement or other raw materials that can be found from many stores. As the tradition of the tribe, the house building technique can help wasting the animal dungs.


Unique Traditions and Celebrations of Sasak


Sasak people has a traditional transportation that is used in the daily life of people in Lombok and also Sumbawa Island, named Cidomo. It is pulled by a horse and controlled by a man. Kinds of accessories are used by the horse such as a horse goggles or mask, chest strap, rope tail, strings and whip. Until nowadays, Cidomo race has become one of traditions that can appeals more tourists to visit Lombok.


Meanwhile, a unique celebration is held every year in Bayan called Bayan Beleq. The celebration belongs to an ancient tradition of thatched mosque. Besides, the island also has another worth tradition to watch by tourists; it is Peresehan. It is performing two men that fight with their traditional fighting ways that every man bring a long rattan stave and a rectangular shieldthat is made from small cow hide for fighting. In the past time, the fighting tradition often cause bleedings in the fighters. But nowadays, it is fully performed as tourism attraction.


In February, Sasak people also have another unique celebration. It happens right when the sea worms appear along the beaches of Lombok Isalnd. This celebration is named Bau Nyale and believed as a tradition that brings prosperity and luck to the people. By following the celebration, they fully hope to have more luck in their works as farmers for the men and as weave crafters named Ikat Cloths for the women. So they can live much happier day by day.

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