Know the Various Means Of Transportation in Senggigi

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Senggigi region became one of the tourist destinations frequented by tourists in recent times have both local and international. This region has been providing a number of accommodation facilities, transportation, shopping, and a variety of other travelers' needs so that they can find comfort and security when holidaying in the area. To get around and visit various tourist sites and others in the region surely you need a means of transportation that can support your comfort in the move. Before planning for a vacation, you should enrich your insight and knowledge about the ins and outs of the area including Senggigi transportation provided so that later when you are on vacation, you will feel more prepared and comfortable to get around.

Although the area of ​​Senggigi or some other location on the island of Lombok has not been included as a region as big cities in Indonesia, facilities and infrastructure in the region seems to have an excellent and complete from the international airport, ports, terminals, and a variety of public transportation that can be used to support the needs for every tourist who comes to visit. The tourists from outside Lombok typically use two alternative paths by using a speedboat from Bali or by using a plane heading to Lombok International Airport. The existence of Lombok International Airport serves as a replacement for the previous main airport Selaparang. Facilities at the airport already meet modern international standards and good. Airport location is not too close to the area of ​​Senggigi, but there are varieties of transportation alternatives that can be used to reach areas such Senggigi Damri bus, taxi, or car rental.


Transportation problems do not seem to be an obstacle when you want to explore the surrounding area of ​​Senggigi and because it provided a variety of transportation options that can be used. If you do not want complicated, you can hire the services of travel that provide a variety of rental vehicles either four-wheel or two-wheel with the rental price is relatively affordable. For those of you that require public transportation with enough privacy services such as taxis, you can find a mode of transportation that operates in the area of ​​the airport and major hotels. Rates offered also vary depending on the facilities provided and mileage.


If you are a backpacker and budget conscious in selecting Senggigi transportation, you also have some alternative public transport could be a solution. You can choose a minibus. Bemo in the area of ​​Lombok and Senggigi is not three-wheeled vehicle with which you can see in other areas. The minibus is a term for city transport that operates passenger service between cities with relatively affordable rates. When you are in the area or region Lombok Senggigi others, you should not miss to feel the sensation and experience to use one of the traditional transportation typical there is Cidomo. This is a chariot drawn by using a horse. This traditional transportation can be found in the traditional markets and tourist areas such as Senggigi.


You can also find motorcycles are an advanced alternative to venture Senggigi and the surrounding areas. These taxis are public transport by using a motorcycle to carry passengers. There is no official rates for this type of transportation and is based on an agreement between a motorcycle taxi driver with passengers themselves. If you wish to use this transportation service, you should create a price agreement in advance to go to the address or place to be addressed to avoid future disputes. In addition to several modes of transportation, you can also find some other alternative for Senggigi transportation such as airplanes, boats, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, ferries and more.

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